Reader Question: Work Permit in a Passport Which is Almost Full

“So, we have passports that do not expire until 2025. Our book has only one page left, but we also have work permits for Uganda in our passports. We go frequently to Kenya and can’t be without our passport for any length of time. Not sure how to proceed. The American Embassy here in Uganda clearly does not exist to help American citizens, not sure what to do any help is greatly appreciated.”

What you just read was this question which…

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Fun Facts About Passports: Hilton to Host Passport Booth at O’Hare International Airport

Although 131,841,062 United States passports were in circulation during the year 2016 — which is a record number, according to these statistics provided by the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Department of State of the United States — approximately 59 percent of Americans still do not have a passport.

Embarking on a campaign called the Hilton Passport Project in an effort to encourage those Americans who still do not have a valid passport to apply for one, Hilton will host a Passport Concierge Booth at the American Airlines terminal at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago this weekend in order to…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: One Simple Way to Get Through Passport Control Faster…

When spending a dozen or so hours as a passenger aboard an airplane used for a transoceanic or transcontinental flight, you most likely just want to get to your final destination — usually a hotel room — as soon as possible once the flight has concluded.

What often happens when entering another country, however, is you trudge what seems to be several miles of airport until you reach the customs and immigration area — and there they are: hundreds of people crammed in one area in several lines, waiting to be processed before continuing on to their destinations…

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Running Out of Pages in Your Passport? Major Policy Change in 2016

Effective as of Friday, January 1, 2016 the service of adding additional visa pages to United States passports will be discontinued, according to the official Internet web site of the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Department of State of the United States. Requests for additional visa pages may only be submitted until Thursday, December 31, 2015.

If you are a…

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URGENT: Help a FlyerTalk Member Stranded in Zurich

What was supposed to be a fun holiday weekend in Europe is suddenly turning out to be unexpectedly inconvenient and problematic for FlyerTalk member jenniparks, as she has a specific question about Delta in ZRH – urgent.

Instead of enjoying bratwurst and beer in Switzerland, her passport, money and identification were all stolen while in Zurich. She has no way of identifying herself and is doubtful as to whether she will be able to return home to the United States. Worse yet, the Delta Air Lines ticket counters at the airport in Zurich are closed until Monday 7 September, and the United States consulate is closed for the American Labor Day holiday and will not re-open again until Tuesday 8 September.

Can you offer advice and help reassure jenniparks that she will indeed be able to return home?

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Mission impossible?

Cue music.  Dum dum dum-dum dum dum …

AArkansas, your mission should you choose to accept it, is to go interstate tonight, get your passport renewed, travel across the city to get your visa updated, return home and leave for a destination half way around the world in 3 days.  Will you accept the mission?

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Passport Laundering?

No, this is not a crime – at least, I do not believe that it is a crime.

Having one’s passport washed apparently happens to more people than one would think.

Follow the travails after the travels of those who have had the misfortune of having their passports washed in the My mom washed my passport thread.

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