How NOT to Sneak Into the Premium Class Cabin and Steal a Seat

Over the years, some passengers who have longed to experience sitting in a seat in the premium class cabin aboard an airplane would sneak into a seat from their assigned seats in the economy class cabin instead of simply being willing to pay for it — and the practice of upgrading oneself without paying for the privilege is considered stealing by many people…

…but if you are going to do it, do not…

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Would You Grab an Amenity Kit While Deplaning as an Economy Class Passenger?

You are a passenger in the economy class cabin of a flight which had just been completed. The aircraft has pulled up to the gate; the door has been opened; and passengers who are queued in the aisle — or aisles — of the airplane are starting to leave the aircraft. You pass through the premium class cabin and find sealed amenity kits which have not been used; and perhaps you also see sealed bottles of water.

Do you take any of them?

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“Mistake” Fares on Delta Air Lines in First Class — But Higher, Not Lower?

It appears that Delta Air Lines is offering “mistake” fares for seats in the first class cabin on domestic flights within the United States — but not the type for which you need to act quickly.

FlyerTalk members have been reporting significant increases in the cost of seats in the first class cabin on domestic flights operated by Delta Air Lines within the United States.

“I just priced a DTW/LAS trip I need to make in January and it’s over…

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Should Children Be Banned From the Premium Class Cabin?

Screaming children ruined the experience of Patrick Smith being a passenger seated in the business class cabin — an experience for which he splurged for the full airfare — from Bangkok to New York, leading him to ask whether or not children should be banned from the premium class cabin.
That actually happened on one airline, Patrick — but it was limited in scope; and it did not last long.

After already having banned babies from the first class cabin on its Boeing 747-400 aircraft, an announcement from…

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$80,000 Airfare for One Round Trip?

If you want to to fly as a passenger in The Residence aboard Etihad Airways between London and Sydney via Abu Dhabi, it will cost you approximately $80,000.00, according to this article by Ben Schlappig of the One Mile at a Time weblog.

Back on May 4, 2014, I first reported on The Residence, which includes three “rooms”; a butler; a chef at your service who can prepare your favorite meal if you do not prefer the available gourmet offerings; and a VIP travel concierge service to take care of you from the moment of reservation right through until the end of their stay with Etihad Airways — from a luxury chauffeur to private check-in and lounge.


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New: Luxury Three-Room Residences, Apartments Aboard Etihad Airways Airbus A380 Aircraft

You could already fly as a passenger in suites aboard select aircraft operated by airlines such as Singapore Airlines; and you can already take a shower aboard select aircraft operated by Emirates Airline. Pshaw. As described in an official press release, Etihad Airways has significantly upped the ante in the luxury cabin wars with The Residence — its new product aboard select Airbus A380, which includes a butler to ensure all arrangements are in place and plan both the inflight and après-flight itinerary according to personal preferences; and a chef at your service who can prepare your favorite meal if you do not prefer the available gourmet offerings. This “apartment in the air” is designed for up to two passengers traveling together — and “it has been created by leading interior designers and hospitality experts who understand the discernment and sophistication expected by the private traveller.” Each “residence” includes the following rooms…

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Next Generation of SWISS First Class Cabin: Your Input is Requested

The Cabin Interior Development team of Swiss International Airlines is currently working on the next generation of its first class cabin, according to Gianrico — also known as FlyerTalk member SwissInternationalAirLines and as one of the official company representatives of Swiss International Airlines on FlyerTalk — and your input and expertise as a frequent traveler is requested. What hardware features you would like to see included which…

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