That Armrest is Not Your Footrest!

Given the unusual cold spell blanketing much of the United States this week, FlyerTalk member tdowl5757 had a difficult enough time leaving warm, sunny Hawai’i for frigid New York. However, not only was tdowl5757 subjected to Barefoot abuse, toe tapping and blown breaker, HNL/LGA — in the premium class cabin, no less — but was also given a not-so-flattering glare by the flight attendant after complaining about the seatmate who used the armrest separating them as a footrest more than once. In fact, the elbow of tdowl5757 was touched by the bare toes of the seatmate!

Are common courtesy and decorum a thing of the past? How should tdowl5757 have made the seatmate toe the line in this situation?

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I Deserve to Sit in the First Class Cabin — But I’m Not Paying For It

A “Funny” Incident of entitlement aboard DL 180 ATL-VCE was observed by FlyerTalk member DLATL777, where a woman in her early 20s was observed taking a seat in the premium class cabin aboard a Delta Air Lines international flight even though she only paid for an economy class ticket, only to eventually be confronted by the flight attendant — and the alleged response regarding entitlement by the young woman is nothing short of incredible!

As a bonus, additional similar stories are being posted…

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Do You Like It Hot and Wet?

When traveling in the premium cabin on a flight that offers meal service, the meal is often preceded by a hot towel service. The hot towel, usually moist, is typically used to refresh oneself before the meal.

In this classic FlyerTalk thread where FlyerTalk member whirledtraveler says I’d like it wet please, whirledtraveler laments about those times when the towel, prepared and offered to passengers in the premium class cabin by flight attendants, is dry.

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The Drama of Getting to Southeast Asia in Business Class for Fewer Than US$2,000

FlyerTalk members took advantage of a (FARE GONE) DL: JFK/BOS to DPS/CGK/MNL via Europe – 1482 USD ++ – Business Class round-trip airfare when it was first announced back in April, creating routes that allowed them to potentially earn thousands of both actual frequent flier program miles and elite status qualification miles while traveling in comfort and style — even going so far as to choose some of the more premium airlines in the world — to exotic destinations in Southeast Asia.

However, problems have started to surface regarding those who have started out on their journeys, only to hit unexpected snags and snafus, and the ongoing saga continue. One example is that FlyerTalk member UVAhoo06 was unexpectedly upgraded on a flight, only to have that flight possibly miss the connection to the next flight.

At the time this entry was posted, nobody knows what happened to UVAhoo06 or where in the world UVAhoo06 is located…

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How Does a Family of Three Sit Together in the Premium Cabin in an Airplane?

A woman travels with two children, one of whom is four years old and the other is one year old. The airline tickets were paid by the father of the woman in the First Class section, where there is usually never more than two contiguous seats. Even if the woman held the one-year-old child in her lap, there still were no seats available at the time of booking to have them sit together with the four-year-old child. The people sitting in nearby seats refuse to relinquish them, and the on-board crew allegedly would not assist in this matter.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Whose fault is it? What would you do? What advice would you give?

Please post your thoughts in the Sister could not sit next to her 4 year old thread.

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The Proper Method to Giving Away a Premium-Class Seat

FlyerTalk member RNE wants to give away a First Class seat to a vice president of the company for which they both are employed.

If you have any advice to impart to RNE on the best method of giving away a premium-class seat to a colleague, please do so in the Brown-Nosing Question: How EXACTLY should I give my FC seat away to a colleague? thread.

Some FlyerTalk members believe that what RNE is doing is the first-class thing to do.

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