Is This Advertisement For Economy Plus Seating Misleading?

Consumers have come to expect that the reality and actual experience of a product or service rarely matches the impression implied by advertising and marketing. Similar to the beginning of a serious relationship in which each participant is on his or her best behavior to impress the other person, so is the framing and presentation of what is being sold by a corporate entity…

…which brings us to an advertisement which included a photograph of the seating of the Economy Plus product of United Airlines as viewed by…

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Are Premium Classes Being Diluted?

Once upon a time, there were three airline classes available aboard an airplane on international flights and domestic routes which were heavily traveled: first class, business class, and economy class; and this configuration still exists on some airlines…

…but they are becoming fewer and fewer. Slowly, the first class cabin disappeared on airline after airline. Business class became the new premium class of the highest tier on an airplane.

Then, airlines…

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Website incorrectly displays premium economy fare as first class

Airlines change their booking classes from time to time, and some changes mean a particular code refers to a different class of service than it used to.

Earlier this year Qantas changed booking class R from premium (A380) first class to premium economy class. Some online travel agent websites failed to note the change. What happens if you book expecting first class (at a relative bargain fare) and only get premium economy class?  Follow the discussion in the thread.

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