Imagine Travel-Related Companies Being This Responsive to FlyerTalk Members

Little did FlyerTalk member PTravel realize that when posting the So I got a Scottevest Evolution jacket . . . thread, the Chief Executive Officer of the company would listen and personally respond by posting to the thread with a video specifically addressing FlyerTalk members by asking for a wish list on how to improve his company’s products.

Wouldn’t it be nice if travel-related companies such as airlines, hotel chains and car rental companies were this open and responsive — especially to members of a forum whose chief demographic is travelers who are members of frequent travel loyalty programs — giving current and potential customers that personal touch that seems to be lacking in business-customer relationships these days?

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She Comes With a Lot of Baggage

He comes with a lot of baggage also.

This is not about single people who have children, medical conditions, are divorced or have other issues and are therefore unfairly and unfortunately saddled with the stigma of “having extra baggage”. Rather, these are people who apparently followed the advice posted in the Best Luggage thread, which is where you should consider going if you are looking to either buy new luggage or replace your existing — and aging, travel worn and beaten —luggage.

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