Woman Sues Qantas for Damages Resulting from Screaming Child

A 67-year-old American woman on her dream holiday in Australia claims to have literally been deafened by the scream of a three-year-old boy sitting across the aisle from her aboard a Qantas aircraft in Alice Springs whose destination was Darwin.

The woman and Qantas are attempting to resolve the issue in court more than a year after the incident allegedly occurred, in which the woman alleges permanent damage to her hearing which caused drastic changes to her life, including not being able to conduct business anymore.

FlyerTalk members discuss whether or not the woman has a case. Is Qantas responsible legally or financially?

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Qantas A380 to 747 swap

Qantas has switched operating aircraft from A380 to 747 on a number of flights. What should you do if you booked a particular flight just to get the A380? Check out the discussion.

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London-Sydney Round-Trip: £215, INCLUDING All Taxes and Fees!

If you want to fly from London, England to Sydney, Australia and back to London again, this is your opportunity to fly this return airfare for a total of £215!

Of course, there is a catch:

This special Qantas airfare will go on sale from 8:00 in the morning (BST) Tuesday 21 July to Friday 24 July or until they are sold out. Availability will be strictly limited to 425 seats.

There are other rules and restrictions to this airfare, as well as more details. Please refer to the Qantas Ashes Sale – LHR-SYD £215 incl taxes thread for additional details.

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Airlines argue over who is responsible, passenger left in middle

First some background. The FTer bought a ticket with Jetstar that included connecting flights on Qantas. Jetstar is a fully owned subsidiary of Qantas. When the FTer went to check in for the Qantas flight, they said it wasn’t ticketed & required purchase of a new ticket. Naturally the FTer wants a refund.

Now to the current discussion. Months pass. Qantas and Jetstar are still passing the buck over who is responsible. Result unhappy customer. What should/could be done next?

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Kids don't count

According to some FTers kids shouldn’t count … as a guest for lounge guest entry policies. In reality practice varies by airline. Join the discussion of kids don’t count.

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Carbon Offset Programs

In honor of Earth Day, which was officially yesterday, April 22, this is a good time to link to FlyerTalk threads which discuss carbon offset programs.

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Nancy Was Hit By a Catering Truck!

Relax…Nancy will be just fine. No blood was spilt. In fact, Nancy is already back on the job!

But wait…Nancy cannot be more than a couple of years old. In fact, FlyerTalk member Blackadder1402 wonders how the catering truck did not see her, as she is hard to miss. How could Nancy be working if she is so big and young, and why is there not more of an outrage that she was hit by a truck?

The A380 (Nancy) hit by catering truck thread has the answers for this mystery, if the title of that thread did not already give it away…

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