Stay Positive.

By now, you are probably overstuffed from that Christmas dinner or those Chanukah latkes; exchanged gifts; listened to holiday music — and most importantly of all, reflected on what attributes and traditions are most important during the festive season of holidays…

…but what exactly is important? Family and friends — sure. Peace — yes. Treating others with respect and civility — of course. Those are only three of many things which are important; but another is to stay positive.

As frequent travelers, we expose ourselves more to the negative aspects of travel — and that exposure occurs more often: irregular operations; missed upgrades; rude people; crowded airports to name only a few…

…and those aspects tend to sour an experience — but how do you remain positive during…

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30 Years of Miles and Points

Can you believe that the introduction of the first frequent flier loyalty program by American Airlines was launched 30 years ago on May 1?

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The Biggest Dilemma You Face Using Miles and Points Could Make You a Winner

upintheair_ppIf you face a dilemma using your miles and points, your frustrations could win you and nine other people free tickets to a sneak preview in New York City on December 1 of the new motion picture Up in the Air starring George Clooney thanks to Condé Nast and Wendy Perrin, and your dilemmas and/or questions will be answered by none other than FlyerTalk member and founder Randy Petersen, who will solicit assistance from select FlyerTalk members via private message.

For additional details and information, please refer to this announcement: Ten lucky Conde Nast readers to receive tickets to premier of “Up in the Air” + the wisdom of FlyerTalk

Hurry, though — the promotion ends at noon on Wednesday, November 25.

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The Flying Mega FT Do

Both the US/transatlantic portion and the European leg of the flying mega do are now open for booking.

For those who’ve missed the previous The Gate post and the latest thread in Community Buzz, this will be a great cant miss event for all Flyer Talkers. Here’s the short version:
USA/transatlantic part

  • Chicago party hosted by United
  • Party flight to Newark
  • Newark party hosted by Continental
  • Party bus to JFK
  • Party flight to Frankfurt
  • flights back are included in the special fare

European part

  • Champagne breakfast
  • Charter flights to  Toulouse (via Oslo), with Randy & a team of slaves moderators serving onboard
  • Party at Oslo hosted by SAS
  • Exclusive Airbus tour
  • Charter flight to Frankfurt
  • Dinner
  • Frankfurt all-day event hosted by Lufthansa
  • 15,000 frequent flyer miles for the charter flight (select FFPs only)
  • more

The time to secure your place is now. The USA/transatlantic bit is optional (but sounds like so much fun). All you need to know in order to book is in the first 4 posts of the mega do thread.

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Should FlyerTalk Be Sold Back to Its Original Owner?

When FlyerTalk member and founder Randy Petersen sold FlyerTalk to Internet Brands greater than two years ago, FlyerTalk members had plenty of questions regarding the transaction, as demonstrated in the Q/A with Internet Brands (purchase of FlyerTalk) thread. Some FlyerTalk members even became emotional about the transaction of Randy Petersen selling FlyerTalk, his beloved baby.

One would then automatically surmise that when a FlyerTalk member publicly pleads can you buy back FlyerTalk? Please? to Randy Petersen, it would only be predictable and natural that FlyerTalk members would most certainly flood that thread with similar pleas and a tremendous public outcry, especially with the spate of technical issues which has plagued FlyerTalk in recent weeks — right?!?

Think again…

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FlyerTalk on Television, Starring Randy Petersen

Perhaps the segment aired on the CBS News Sunday Morning television program will spawn a regularly-aired television series, or maybe a full-length feature film? Who knows?

The Sunday December 30. Flyertalkers and Randy on television thread will give you a link to the actual video which stars Randy Petersen and several other FlyerTalk members. See if you can guess who they are.

As a result of this story, more people registered to become FlyerTalk members.

Become a FlyerTalk member today. You just might become famous some day!

By the way, if there ever was a full-length feature film pertaining to FlyerTalk, I know for whom I would vote to play the role of Randy Petersen

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