Chat with Randy Petersen Himself!

Beginning today, FlyerTalk member and founder (but no longer owner) Randy Petersen cordially invites you to chat with him regarding the sale of FlyerTalk to Internet Brands.

There are a total of six chats scheduled over the next five days, including today. The last chat is scheduled on May 13, 2007.

If you have questions, comments or concerns pertaining to the sale of FlyerTalk and would like to chat with Randy, please click here for details.

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FlyerTalk Has Been Sold.

This news is quickly becoming common knowledge around FlyerTalk.

However, if you have questions about the sale of FlyerTalk, Randy Petersen, who is the founder of FlyerTalk, has got answers. He has set up the Q/A with Internet Brands (purchase of FlyerTalk) thread, which you can peruse to read all about the details of the sale of FlyerTalk directly from the source.

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The History of FlyerTalk: As Told by Randy Petersen

FlyerTalk member Randy Petersen, who is also the owner as well as the founder of FlyerTalk, shares his thoughts, experience and memories pertaining to the birth of FlyerTalk in the Randy, Can You Give Us A Brief Synopsis of the First “FlyerTalk” BB?? thread.

Please feel free to ask questions to Randy Petersen pertaining to the history of FlyerTalk in that thread. While Randy Petersen will modestly admit without hesitation that FlyerTalk is what it is today because of its members and not necessarily because of him, FlyerTalk is still his “baby”. One thing is definitely certain: it is one topic on which he is proud to discuss with fellow FlyerTalk members.

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