Watch Out For This E-Mail Message Scam Using Your Old Password For Extortion — and What You Can Do

Sometimes legitimate e-mail messages wind up in my “spam” folder; so I check it regularly to ensure that they are not missed by me — and I found that the title of one of the messages in that folder contained an old password which I had used years ago and had since changed.

Seeing that the password was indeed legitimate at one time, I opened the e-mail message and found the following text — and I manually changed the BTC address in it…

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“And the U.S. Cheats the Whole World!”

“It was an honest, mundane customer service job, advising the customers of Delta Air Lines on such matters as lost baggage and frequent-flier miles, for a mediocre monthly salary of $150. He was sitting on a waiting room sofa when he picked up The Times of India and read that 700 of his co-workers had been detained the night before.”

Those 700 co-workers were arrested one evening at a call center in a suburb of…

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Can You Hear Me? Do NOT Say Yes. Avoid This Telephone Scam…

You receive a telephone call from an unknown telephone number and decide to answer it. A voice on the other end asks you, “Can you hear me?”

If that happens, hang up immediately and do not say “yes.” That is exactly what the caller on the other end wants for you to do.

Nefarious individuals who are perpetuating the latest scam at your expense want to…

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Airbnb “Host” Scams: Protect Yourself With One Simple Step

The Airbnb service has been lauded many times here at BoardingArea as an alternative to traditional lodging options such as hotels — but be wary of what appears to be an increasing number of “hosts” attempting to scam you out of your money.

That is what allegedly happened to Tommie Marie Fowler, a Georgia woman who decided to book her birthday weekend at a rental home from a Jessie Garcia in Miami using Airbnb — only to have her $1,655.00 disappear, according to this report by Dana Fowle, an investigative reporter for WAGA-TV in Atlanta. There is a video which accompanies that report.

Here is where she made her mistake — and how you can prevent a similar situation from happening to you

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