The Irritatingly Successful Seat Poachers

Stowing my bag before I sat in an aisle seat of a Boeing 777-300 aircraft to which I was assigned, a woman comes and places her bag on what was to be my seat for the next 14 hours for a transatlantic flight; and on that seat was a clean unused pillow.

“Could you please remove your bag from my seat?” I asked politely.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she grunted indifferently as she plunked another bag on my seat so that she may stow a third bag into the overhead bin with which she and her husband were traveling.

This flight is already not starting off well for me; but it is a minor issue. Besides, I…

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Seat Poaching From the Other Point of View…and Cooties?

I asked you what do you do about seat poachers — people who will help themselves to seats which are assigned to other people in order to be seated near a loved one as one of many reasons — back on March 29, 2013; and the comments in response related the experiences and opinions of seat poaching all too clearly…

…but what about the point of view of the seat poacher?

FlyerTalk member injera — who I am not accusing of being a seat poacher, to be clear — asked for opinions to the following scenarios…

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Should Seats Which Recline and Not Recline Be Sectioned Off From Each Other?

There are airlines whose aircraft are equipped with reclining seats; and there are those airlines whose aircraft are equipped with seats which do not recline…

…but what if the seats on an airplane were equipped with two sections: one with reclining seats; and one without reclining seats?

“It would make sense either to have…

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Seat Recline Battle Results in Flight Diversion; Police Called

Two passengers were embroiled in a heated argument aboard an airplane which operated as United Airlines flight 1462 over seat recline on Sunday, August 24, 2014 — resulting in the airplane being diverted to Chicago, where police and agents of the Transportation Security Administration were summoned.

The fight reportedly started when…

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United Airlines Reduces Number of Economy Plus Seats on CRJ-700 Aircraft

FlyerTalk member UA Insider — also known as Aaron Goldberg, who is the senior manager of Customer Experience Planning at United Airlines — announced this morning the the number of seats in the Economy Plus section of its entire fleet of Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-700 aircraft will be reduced from 32 seats to…

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