Buffalo Killed in Collision with Airplane

A Boeing 737-800 airplane operated by SpiceJet — carrying 146 passengers and flight crew members to its intended destination of Delhi — attempted to take off from Surat Airport in India when it hit a stray buffalo, killing it.

Although there were no reports of injuries or deaths — other than the poor buffalo, of course — the following statement currently appears on the official Internet web site of SpiceJet…

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Purchase the Seat Next To You For As Little As $4 on SpiceJet

If you do not like to sit next to strangers — or perhaps your girth is a little more than a standard economy class seat can handle — you have the opportunity to purchase the Empty Seat Option for as few as 250 Indian Rupees or approximately four United States dollars and possibly have the entire row to yourself when traveling as a passenger on SpiceJet, which is a low-cost carrier operating in India. The Empty Seat Option — powered by a third-party provider called Optiontown — is…

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