TalkBoard Ballot Box is Now Open

It is time to vote for four new members of TalkBoard to serve FlyerTalk for the next two years.

The candidates are listed and have debated and discussed fifteen different questions on various topics submitted by FlyerTalk members.

For whom will you vote?

The voting period is currently in effect until November 24, 2010, and you must be a registered FlyerTalk member to vote.

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Call for TalkBoard Candidates

Until 8:00 in the morning Mountain Daylight Time on Monday, November 1, 2010, there is currently a call for candidates for those FlyerTalk members who are interested in serving a two-year term on the TalkBoard.

The TalkBoard is a member-elected board who provide direction and decisions on issues that affect the community as a whole. As a group, the members of the TalkBoard represent a wide cross-section of FlyerTalk members, and no one is excluded from entering the election. All interested potential candidates need to do is complete an on-line application.

More information about the actual TalkBoard election process can be found here.

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It is Time to Vote…NOW!

Which person do you want to serve as President of the United States for the —

…oh, wait — that election is already over.

The more important question is which FlyerTalk members do you want to serve on TalkBoard for the next two years?

You may choose up to four FlyerTalk members out of the pool of 24 candidates vying for your vote.

The polls are open now. Voting ends on Sunday, November 23, so now is your chance to get your vote in!

Please read the VOTE: FOR THE CANDIDATES OF YOUR CHOICE! announcement for further information and details, as well as the positions of the candidates on different topics during the recent debates.

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Question the candidates

Not those candidates.  I mean the candidates for the upcoming Talk Board election.  Talk Board is the advisory body on FT forum structure and related issues.

The call for candidates has closed and the candidates are listed (with bios) on the Talk the Vote page.  Voting opens November 11 (US time).  In the meantime, you can read candidates answers to questions posed by FTers in the election forum, and ask a question of your own by PM’ing Randy.

Oh, and discussion about the other elections underway can be found in OMNI/PR here.

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TalkBoard Call for Candidates

It is that time of year again.

…no, not for election of the presidency of the United States, although we are inclined to believe that there are a number of FlyerTalk members we would rather see running for President than the individuals who are currently campaigning…

…rather, it is for a seat on the TalkBoard which is, as FlyerTalk member and founder Randy Petersen says, an opportunity to “help guide and improve the community as it continues to grow.”

Please refer to the Call for Candidates for the member-elected TalkBoard announcement to find out more information and details on how to become a TalkBoard candied date — er…we mean candidate

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