A Surcharge For Using Your Credit Card to Pay Hotel Bill?

A report recently surfaced of a hotel property in the United States at which a guest found a fee of approximately three percent on the final bill at the conclusion of the stay — simply for using a credit card to pay for a stay.

“i just checked out of the…

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Resort Fees and Parking Fees Temporarily Eliminated in Las Vegas at These Hotel and Casino Properties

As many hotel, resort, and casino properties in Las Vegas prepare to reopen to visitors tomorrow, Thursday, June 4, 2020, some of them have temporarily eliminated mandatory resort fees and parking fees — while others are offering sales and promotions.

For all intents and purposes, Las Vegas has basically been closed for the past couple of months due to the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic; but…

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Watch Out: Some Restaurants Add a Mandatory Coronavirus Surcharge to Your Bill

“New mandatory ‘COVID-19 restaurant surcharges’ (google it) are also popping up in food establishments with in the USA. If you eat out make sure you check the bottom of your receipt to see if they tacked it on. I’m sure in the future many places hotels, restaurants, salons, rentals etc will all try to tack on something extra, it could be the new norm for a while as they try to catch up and recover.”

The paragraph you just read was…

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Greater Than 15 Percent Increase in Mandatory Resort Fees in Las Vegas at…

Las Vegas is basically shut down at the moment due to the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic which has spread around the world and caused the decimation of the travel industry in general to the point at which it was at brink of annihilation…

…and yet, an increase of greater than 15 percent in the mandatory resort fees which guests are charged has been officially announced at…

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Rental Car Airport Fees Waived If Not Arriving By Airplane?

Did you know that if you rent a vehicle at an airport location of a rental car company but did not arrive via airplane, the airport fees might possibly be waived and you may not be required to pay them — and if that does not happen automatically, you can request that the airport fees be waived?

Effective as of…

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Airlines to Pass $100 Billion Mark in Ancillary Revenue For 2019. Should There Be Legislation Against That?

Airlines worldwide are projected to collectively set another record in terms of the revenue they earn from fees charged for ancillary services and products, which is projected to be as high as $109.5 billion for the year 2019 and greater than quintuple the revenue of $22.6 billion in 2010 — as well as almost double the revenue from ancillary fees from only four years ago.

Fees charged for ancillary services and products is expected to comprise of approximately…

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Search Rankings Lowered For Hotels Which Charge Resort Fees: Expedia Group

Hotel and resort properties which add mandatory resort fees per night to base room rates have been dealt another blow this week, as Expedia Group began to lower their listings down the sort order of search results at its official and Internet web sites.

In addition to artificially lowering the room rate for comparison purposes with the competition by potential customers and therefore intentionally obfuscating the true total cost of a stay to them, mandatory resort fees have also…

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Deceptive Hotel Resort Fees: Legislation Introduced to Protect Consumers 2019

Mandatory resort fees which have been proliferating throughout the lodging industry in the United States in recent years are finally being addressed by members of the House of Representatives of the United States in the form of legislation known as the Hotel Advertising Transparency Act of 2019.

Hotel properties, resort properties, and other places of short-term lodging would be prohibited from…

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