New Total Cost Airfare Rule Becomes Effective Starting Today

Have you ever searched for an airfare and found what appears to be a great deal, only to find that the airfare committed what could be considered a “bait and switch” tactic and did not include taxes and fees until just before you were ready to pay for it? Those days should be gone, as a new rule is…

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The Airfare Drops Immediately After You Purchase Your Airline Ticket…

…and your stomach drops along with the airfare.

One can imagine that that is exactly how FlyerTalk member g1ant felt after the round-trip airfare between Manchester and Austin that was just purchased six hours earlier decreased by US$358.00.

Ouch. I know that feeling. That has to hurt.

g1ant asks for advice from fellow FlyerTalk members in the Yicket price drops by over $150 6 hours after booking. Any recourse? thread.

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