Do We Take Travel, Miles and Points Too Seriously?

“I feel that we all MUST feel childlike every day for some time at least”, posted Kumar in the Comments section of this episode — yes, George, episode — of the TravelBloggerBuzz weblog. “It is such a psychological healer that nothing else can come close to. Forget booze etc etc. If every man can get to that childlike innocence, enthusiasm and let go, this world will be much better place to live. All these fightings day in and day out are due to people that have become cold hearted and live in their egos. I am not saying that let us all stop growing up. We grow up in values, wisdom and intelligence by going back and searching and finding the child within us. It is tricky but achievable.”

I cannot agree more, Kumar — especially as…

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Classic ITA Matrix Tool is Still Around — For Now

FlyerTalk member warreng24 became worried and asked the question, “Original is now gone?

Although he found out the answer to his own question, FlyerTalk member ITAGiRL, who is an employee of the company that created the ITA matrix software, gave reassurance that the classic version of the software still exists and will not disappear anytime soon but has a new URL to access it, while the newer version of the software now sports the default URL.

She also asked for a favor: “If you decide to stick with Matrix Classic, can you still give the new one another spin and use the comment link to let us know why you use Classic? We addressed a lot of your concerns (but not all of them) and it is very helpful for us to refresh our knowledge on the weaknesses we might still have.”

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Spreadsheets: An Advantage for AAdvantage Members

If you are a member of the American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flier program, you are in luck.

FlyerTalk member and American AAdvantage forum moderator JDiver has graciously posted useful spreadsheets to download in the AAdvantage spreadsheets available for download thread.

Currently, as of the time this is posted, there are two spreadsheets available, courtesy of the generosity of FlyerTalk members JGR01 and McFlyPHL.

How can these spreadsheets help you as an American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flier member? You will not find out from me. Click here for details.

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*A Tool Improved

A popular tool for star alliance FTers, Austrian’s Air Manager booking tool, has been improved. Of course in typical marketing doublespeak this means valuable functionality has been removed. Find out more in this discussion.

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