Now Wait a Minute…

…or several hours, if you prefer, at a concept called Minute Suites — The Traveler’s Retreat. Additional details, including rates and pictures, can be found by clicking here.

Some FlyerTalk members think this concept is a good idea for passengers with long layovers who simply need a quiet place to nap or be to themselves. Others believe that the rates are too expensive, the space is too small, the accommodations do not have enough amenities — in particular, there is no shower facility — and that the hours are limited instead of being available 24 hours per day, amongst other criticisms.

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A restful 6 hour transit? Nah!

Some time-poor FTers, including myself, try to cram a lot in to transits.  Running around seeing the sights.  Scheduling meetings or teleconferences in a 2 hour transit.  Grabbing a few cold drinks with fellow FTers also passing through.  Getting that report finalised and sent off.  May as well do something useful instead of moping around an airport, right? 

ADKOP is looking to take the ethos of wasting no time at all to the ultimate level, by getting married (including arranging for the license) during a 6 hour transit in New York!

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