2012 Ford Mustang V6 Premium Coupe Road Test and Review

There is no need to look up at the top of this “page” — yes, this is still FlyerTalk, not Car & Driver or Motor Trend. However, FlyerTalk members do rent cars, and FlyerTalk member dwbf11 posts a detailed report after driving a 2012 Ford Mustang V6 Premium Coupe rented from…

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Train Travel Trip Report: The Amtrak Coast Starlight

Many FlyerTalk members get from one place to another via airplanes — especially in the United States. However, FlyerTalk member boston aa flyer has posted Coast Starlight Report and A Newbie’s First LD Trip using points to travel 21 hours from Seattle to Martinez, and…

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1972 Lunch Menu on TWA Flight 156

In this classic thread from November 2001, travel vicariously with FlyerTalk member Seat 2A as the exact menu for lunch on Trans World Airlines flight 156 on January 1, 1972 is posted. Imagine having a choice of chateaubriand, lamb chops, chicken, shrimp or steak as part of a full meal — for lunch!

The aircraft was a Boeing 707-331B, and the flight originated in Denver to its destination at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. The duration of the flight was three hours and forty minutes.

Those who are nostalgic regarding airline history will enjoy the vintage photographs and advertisements which have been added in recent years

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One Hundred People in New York Asked Her to Marry Him…

…but what was her response?

See the incredibly unique way that FlyerTalk member kimchi39 asked his girlfriend to marry him with A special marriage proposal from New York and Seoul, and read the reactions posted by other FlyerTalk members.

This is a trip report you will not want to miss, as it contains a narrative written straight from the heart, as well as photographs of travelers in New York from the United States and other countries who wrote in several different languages to convince the girlfriend to say “yes” and marry kimchi39 — and there is even a link to a video.

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Oh, To Be In The Fifth Grade Again…

FlyerTalk member olafman took the year off to travel with her husband and eleven-year-old son on a trip around the world, posting about “My son’s fifth grade year: 97,737 miles, 40 flights, 6 continents and 16 countries” that will extend all the way through June 2011 and will continuously post entries in this trip report until the trip is completed.

Furthermore, the purpose of the trip is to actually live in the places at which they visit — not to merely be a tourist in them for a short period of time — and each member of the family was permitted to choose one place in which to live that no other member of the family could veto.

One FlyerTalk member said it best: “I wish you could have been my mother !”

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Sri Lanka on a Budget: A Trip Report

Travel vicariously with FlyerTalk member chongsss to Sri Lanka on a budget [Lots of pics].

Posting for the first time on FlyerTalk to give fellow FlyerTalk members access to an extensive trip report filled with photographs and videos, chongsss laments that there was not any premium travel involved regarding the trip.

That is no problem — FlyerTalk members are enjoying the trip report anyway and posting so…

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