A Trip Report, As Told by Polo

Who is Polo, and why is a trip report by Polo being featured here at The Gate?

Trip reports, if written well, can transport the reader into vicariously experiencing the travels of the person who wrote the report…

…but what if the trip report was written by … luggage?!?

FlyerTalk member opushomes pens a different kind of trip report pertaining to the Bag’s Misadventure from the point of view of Polo, which is the name of his … well … bag, with copious doses of humor, commentary and photographs. An introduction and brief synopsis of the life of Polo is included in this trip report. However, be forewarned that it may not be your bag to bag the trip report of a bag…

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V Australia flies

The first V Australia flight was a couple of days ago from Sydney to Los Angeles, and already there is a trip report on FT.  FTers are truly everywhere.  Read the report on the inaugural V Australia flight and see if you think it is worthy competition to incumbents on the route Qantas and United (and with Delta to commence mid this year).

Also a warm welcome to Heleno.  This must surely be a record – the first FT post ever and a mention in The Gate.

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What's on the menu?

Many trip reports contain menus (particularly in business and first class). But did you know that some airline forums have threads containing a library of menus? See what’s being served now and how that has changed over time.

Click below to see the list of threads:
Read More…

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Chain Hotel Reviews and Information Easy to Find

Some hard-working FTers have collated reviews and information on many hotels of the main chains.

* Starwood – check out for reviews and pictures of many SPG hotels, and the FT discussion thread.

* Hyatt – Muerz‘s review site is currently down. Checking this thread for announcements it seems something new is in the wings.

* Hilton – the Hilton Family Hotel Master Thread contains information and links to the relevant threads (plus a link to the page on Hilton’s website) for every Hilton HHonors hotel.

I couldn’t find anything similar for the other chains. Please let me know (PM to Kiwi Flyer) if I’ve missed them and I’ll update the blog.

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The very name usually evokes a rather dark period in American history regarding a war that was quite unpopular.

How about Vietnam as a tourist destination – seriously?!?

Before you go, you must read the trip report of FlyerTalk member letiole – excuse me…l’etoile – in her A Superficial, Girls’ Guide to Vietnam trip report.

Notice how her name magically changes in the trip report from here to here in the replies in the thread.

Anyway, I understand that she apparently was not too thrilled about going on the trip until she actually left:

sigh – gone!

I apologize. I did not mean to Hanoi you with that really bad pun…

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A Trip Report About North Korea

Travel vicariously to North Korea with Australian FlyerTalk member bensyd through the fascinating trip report posted by him.

Traveling to North Korea is not exactly the easiest thing to accomplish, especially if one is an American citizen. However, the trip report is not only eloquent, but it also includes photographs.

Thanks to bensyd, we can all get a glimpse of isolated North Korea and what it is like to travel there.

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Trip of trips

Does the idea of flying around the world first class appeal? Taking a break for 2 months to visiting many cities, countries and cultures?

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Read this trip report by jacob_m to find out more. Have plenty of time to spare as it is a good’un and with several hundreds of pictures. Warning, hazardous to your wallet/mileage balance – readers of this report may be tempted to buy a first class around the world ticket.

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