Update: Uber Driver Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder Spree While Working

After Jason Brian Dalton plead guilty to killing six people almost three years ago while working as a driver for Uber, he was sentenced to six counts of mandatory life in prison without the possibility of parole by Alexander Lipsey, who is a judge in the Kalamazoo County Circuit Court and presided over the case.

Dalton was 45 years old at the time when he picked up riders, took fares, and dropped them off between the shootings of random victims which occurred during a period of nearly five hours during Saturday, February 20, 2016.

Both survivors and families of the deceased victims faced the convicted killer…

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Drivers of Ride Sharing Services to Legally Pick Up Passengers at Airport in Atlanta Soon

Drivers who work for the ride sharing services known as either Uber or Lyft will be legally permitted to pick up passengers at the international airport which serves the greater Atlanta metropolitan area as of Sunday, January 1, 2017 as the result of a vote of 14-1 on Monday, September 19, 2016 by the city council of Atlanta to approve an ordinance which sets regulations for the ride sharing industry.

There are some details which still need to be resolved even though the ordinance was officially approved — such as…

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New Partnership Between Hilton Worldwide and Uber — and How to Save $20.00

A new partnership between Hilton Worldwide and Uber was recently announced to offer expanded digital features which are intended to further simplify and streamline your travel experience where you can set up automated notifications to request Uber rides to and from the hotel property — and the partnership also creates added benefits for you if you are a member of the Hilton HHonors frequent guest loyalty program.

Through the Hilton HHonors mobile software application program installed on your portable electronic device — with which you can already book a stay, check in to the hotel or resort property, select your room, pre-order amenities and use your portable electronic device to enter your hotel room door using Digital Key — you will also have access to two promising digital initiatives…

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$1.19 Per Hour in Pay for an UberX Driver?

If you are an employee of a restaurant earning the federal rate of $2.13 per hour — which has not changed in almost 24 years — you may want to move over for an UberX driver who calculated that she earned as low as $1.19 per hour recently.

After extensively running the numbers and checking the facts of the $78.47 in total fares earned from 15 rides during a shift of eight hours of driving a car for UberX, Jennifer Moody of The Jetsetter’s Homestead was curious as to whether or not she was actually earning any money for herself after Uber had recently announced another round of UberX rate cuts in 48 select markets — and she learned that after the following criteria was calculated…

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New Rate Decrease by Uber of Up to 25 Percent Off UberX Rates

Jennifer Moody of The Jetsetter’s Homestead broke the news earlier today that Uber has announced another round of UberX rate cuts in 48 select markets. In addition to authoring her weblog and being a management consultant, she is also a driver for Uber and shares her exploits with readers — such as this article called Sex Love and Uber and this article pertaining to her several hours as a driver on New Year’s Eve.

Does the rate decrease mean that there is trouble ahead for the controversial car service?

Here is an excerpt from her article, where she has an insider view and has taken a pay cut of 46.5 percent since she first started…

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Avoiding Uber Surge Pricing is Possible — But Is it Ethical?

There have been mixed reactions pertaining to the policy by Uber of implementing a practice known as surge pricing, where the cost of a hired ride increases during what are considered to be peak times — such as when bars close, a sporting event concludes, or during a holiday.

Surge pricing can be applied at times which are considered inappropriate — such as during the recent siege of a chocolate café in Sydney where three people were killed. Those who were attempting to escape from the scene by fleeing with the car service provided by Uber were initially charged greater than quadruple the typical rate. Representatives of Uber later announced that…

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Uber Offers Free Rides After Surge Pricing Debacle During Siege in Sydney

In response to what is arguably its most controversial snafu yet, Uber will offer free rides out of the central business district in Sydney starting today as a result of the aftermath of criticism for charging its passengers greater than quadruple the typical rate — in a practice known as surge pricing — while a siege was underway at the Lindt Chocolat Café at Martin Place, causing the city to be in lockdown mode.

The company is reportedly also in the process of issuing refunds to those customers who were affected by the surge pricing, which is still in effect for rides into the central business district in Sydney to “encourage drivers to get into” there.

I first reported on the practice of surge pricing by Uber back on January 4, 2014, asking if surge pricing by Uber is unfairly expensive…

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