Reciprocal Elite Upgrades Between American Airlines and Alaska Airlines and Other Benefits

Members of the American Airlines AAdvantage and Alaska Airlines Mileage Plus frequent flier loyalty programs will enjoy more rewards in the form of reciprocal benefits as passengers on both airlines — once they are implemented in March of 2021 — as part of what is called the West Coast International Alliance.

The reciprocal benefits which passengers of both airlines who have earned elite status in either frequent flier loyalty program can enjoy — starting in the spring of 2021 — include…

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Self-Upgrading is Stealing. Period.

“Sat in WT+ this morning on BA165 and along comes a lady who sits in the row behind me, immediately summons the crew and says ‘my husband tried to upgrade but was told there were no seats – the row is empty, can he sit here?’ Crew said they’d ask the ‘manager’ and get back to her.”

The story as recounted by…

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The Surprise Which I Received at Hilton Tallinn Park

After Jan checked me into the Hilton Tallinn Park hotel property, he informed me that there is a surprise awaiting me — but he would not yet tell me what was the surprise.

I figured that the surprise was some food plate or fruit platter; or perhaps a bottle of wine — but when I was introduced to the surprise, I knew that I would take plenty of photographs…

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5 Smart Travel Hacks Only Frequent Fliers Know? Seriously?!?

I seem to have the misfortune to keep finding articles which seem to be more and more inane — but this one pertaining to the 5 smart travel hacks only frequent fliers know may just qualify to win the award for one of the most ridiculous articles I have ever read pertaining to travel.

After I read this article written by…

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Order of Upgrade Priority Modified on Delta Air Lines

In a move where little official advance notice was given — and in order to better recognize the loyalty of its frequent fliers — effective as of tomorrow, Saturday, April 30, 2016, passengers of Delta Air Lines traveling on full Y class economy airfares will no longer receive the priority pertaining to clearance for upgrades which they once enjoyed, as the level of Medallion elite status in the SkyMiles frequent flier loyalty program will receive priority instead.

This means that…

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Should Your Boss Get The Upgrade Instead of You?

Years ago during one business trip when I worked for a company and held the highest level of elite status with Continental Airlines, I was upgraded to a seat in the premium class cabin; while the person to whom I reported did not — and as I watched him walk the “walk of shame” down the aisle towards the seat to which he was assigned in the economy class cabin, I…

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Stolen Valor: How It Could Affect You as a Traveler

Video footage of a man in civilian clothes who confronted a swaggering older man wearing fatigues at a bar in Florida by asking him questions about why his uniform does not have a name badge and whether he was carrying the proper credentials — which caused the man in uniform to become aggressive — is included in this article written by Tobias Salinger of the New York Daily News.

Authorities hunted down a man who was accused of impersonating a Navy SEAL — also known as the Sea, Air and Land teams of the Navy of the United States — by telling fabricated war stories and claiming that he was awarded a Purple Heart for the purpose of personal gain, according to this report by Clayton Sandell of ABC News.

A command sergeant major at Fort Sill was reportedly convicted of wearing unauthorized military insignia — including a Ranger Tab and the Pathfinder Badge — earlier this month by a military judge who sentenced him to a demotion to sergeant first class; a letter of reprimand; and to forfeit $500.00 in pay per month for ten months, according to this story from the Associated Press and posted at Internet web sites such as Stars and Stripes.

Those items were only three of what seems to be an increase recently in cases of stolen valor, which is…

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The 11 Most Effective Tactics for Getting Upgraded When Flying?!?

When I saw this article pertaining to The Most Effective Tactics for Getting Upgraded When Flying, the first thing I did was check the date of the article of when it was posted at Yahoo! Travel.

It was posted on April 2, 2015; so it was neither an older article nor a joke for April Fool’s Day — unless it was posted one day late.

“Every time I check in for a flight, I secretly hope that a member of the airline will swoop in and dramatically announce I am being upgraded”, Sophie Forbes wrote in the article. “So far this has happened a grand total of zero times.”

That is because being upgraded…

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