Upgrade Chances Now on Alaska Airlines for All Delta Medallion Members — Except Silver

If you are a Delta Air Lines Medallion Elite Gold, Platinum or Diamond member, you now qualify for upgrades on Alaska Airlines flights, as DL GM+ upgrades on AS to start 9/1/10. — and FlyerTalk members have been reporting upgrade success.

Unfortunately, Delta Air Lines Silver Medallion members are reportedly not eligible to qualify for upgrades on Alaska Airlines flights.

This complements a promotion good until November 15, 2010 where if one can combine a Delta Air Lines flight and an Alaska Airlines flight into the same itinerary, one receives double miles.

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A Good Deed Does Not Go Unpunished: Giving Away Your Premium-Cabin Seat

When FlyerTalk member dollerman73 was awarded an upgrade to a seat in the premium class cabin, he did something that led to a F seat giveaway!

He felt sorry for a coach-class seatmate who was still putting his stuff in the overhead bins when he had heard the flight attendant offer the upgrade to dollerman73 and allegedly complained loudly about the terrible day he had had, and how he felt he deserved the seat in the premium class cabin instead.

Fighting the urge to not reward what dollerman73 rightfully felt was bad behavior, he offered the upgrade anyway to the upset man, who immediately bolted for the premium class seat originally awarded to dollerman73. without any expression of appreciation whatsoever — not even a “thank you.”

As a result of this incident, dollerman73 may never again offer a fellow passenger a premium-class seat in which he secured.

What would you do, and how would you have handled this situation?

Before you answer this question, consider the completely opposite results that FlyerTalk member CJKatl experienced and related when giving up a premium-class seat to a man — first using a wheelchair and then a cane — and being appreciated and rewarded for that good deed…

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Companion Upgrade Policy Change on US Airways Pertaining to Passengers Not Traveling on the Same Record

The Gate recently received correspondence from a reader commenting on a change in the companion upgrade policy quietly implemented by US Airways:

Have you heard of the new HORRIBLE change in the companion policy for upgrades on US?  Their companion upgrade policy was one of the reasons we fly US as much as we do to get our kids/family travel companions upgraded one adult and one child upgraded per flight.  But on 3/4/10, they amended their policy, WITHOUT NOTIFYING ANYONE, to disallow companion upgrades if the travelers are not in the same record.  My husband is Chairman, I am Gold, and my two boys are Silver preferred, but we always travel in separate records because my husband has to come back earlier for work on most trips.  So now, due to logistics, and ONLY logistics of booking arrangements, we cannot upgrade our kids as early as ourselves.

What are your thoughts here?  I would LOVE to see the policy reverted back to how it was before.

Although some FlyerTalk members appear to be happy with this new policy, others seem to be as angry about the lack of announcement by US Airways pertaining to the change in the companion upgrade policy as they are regarding the policy itself. In fact, at least one FlyerTalk member has called for a Companion Upgrade Letter Writing Campaign – Action Needed.

Echoing the reader who wrote in to us, what are your thoughts? Please post your comments regarding this issue. Thank you in advance.

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How to Get Upgraded to International First Class: Buy Three Cheap Seats

How is it possible to get an Intl upgrade to First from a Coach T purchased seat?

Just read the story as told by FlyerTalk member performancefitness, with useful and handy tips and tricks on just how to achieve what is arguably the ultimate in upgrade success on an airline flight.

By the way, as a bonus, whether you get upgraded or not, you may earn miles — including elite qualifying miles for status — for all of the purchased economy-class seats, depending on the frequent flier loyalty program.

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Too Generous With Upgrades?!?

Could you imagine someone complaining about an airline being too generous with upgrades? Does that action not seem sacrilegious for a FlyerTalk member?

Well, that is exactly what FlyerTalk member Buster CT1K says when stating that Delta is too generous with upgrades!

Even more bizarre is that there are other FlyerTalk members who actually agree with Buster CT1K.

What could be the reasons, and are they indeed valid? If so, what are possible solutions to this issue?

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The Story of The Sweet Suite

Mozart BallsA misunderstanding by the front desk agent at the Sheraton Salzburg pertaining to a request by FlyerTalk member macabus for a larger room led to some delicious Austrian confectionery treats instead: chocolate Mozart Balls.

When the duty manager of the hotel property wanted to know what the confusion was all about, it was revealed that when macabus wanted a suite, the front desk agent thought that macabus wanted a “sweet,” which is why the front desk agent gave a confused macabus chocolate Mozart Balls.

By the way, macabus was indeed eventually upgraded to an Executive room with The funniest suite I ever got. In fact, some may say that macabus has got balls for asking for a suite — literally.

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Reciprocal Upgrades to be Offered on Continental Airlines and United Airlines

Now that Continental Airlines is a member of Star Alliance, announcements regarding seamless integration of services and benefits with its partners are being released.

One of the more significant announcements is that UA elites to enjoy EUA/”premium” seating on CO, CO elites to get UDU, E+ on UA. This topic is also being discussed in the New Reciprocal Upgrade Benefits with United, Eff. Mid-2010 [threads merged] thread.

Generally, elite status members of the Continental Airlines OnePass and United Airlines Mileage Plus frequent flier loyalty programs will receive unlimited complimentary domestic upgrades on flights operated by both airlines when space is available, as well as have complimentary access to premium seating in the economy class cabin on either airline.

This partnership arrangement is scheduled to begin sometime in 2010.

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Do You Lose Your Breakfast Whenever You Get Upgraded?

This question was intended to ask if Hilton HHonors elite members lose the benefit of enjoying a free breakfast in the hotel restaurant if they are awarded an upgrade to the Executive Level, where there is usually an exclusive lounge that also serves breakfast. However, some Hilton HHonors elite members prefer dining on the breakfast offered in the hotel restaurant, as it may have more food choices, as well as better food.

Then there are FlyerTalk members who are bound to misinterpret the question asked by FlyerTalk member mario33: You lose your Breakfast if upgraded to Exec Floor ? Those FlyerTalk members threw up such responses as “Oh, I thought the tread title meant I had to throw up if I was upgraded to the exec floor. Thank goodness that is not the case.” and “Cute thread title. As the spouse of a Diamond member, I’d be more likely to lose my breakfast if we weren’t upgraded to the Executive Floor.

Apologies for bringing this up.

…and we here at The Gate apologize for regurgitating these quotes…

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Flirting to Upgrade: Is it Possible? Is it Wrong?

Married FlyerTalk member LawFlyer uses a technique he calls the upgrade-flirt. He flirts with various key female airline employees in order to attempt to secure an upgrade on a flight. Does it really work? If someone uses The “upgrade-flirt”: Is it wrong?

You know, you do realize that by you reading The Gate, the color of your eyes becomes that much more vibrant and attractive to the opposite sex…

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