FlyerTalk Member Removed From Flight for Ignoring a Flight Attendant?

FlyerTalk member cherylsiscon recounts how she was Removed from US Airways flt last night simply by ignoring a cheerful greeting by a “very bubbly” flight attendant because she was tired and just wanted to get to her seat.

This action apparently led to her and her carry-on bag being involuntarily removed from the flight because the flight attendant “felt uncomfortable” having an “unresponsive” passenger on the flight.

Because in one night she saw two passengers being removed from an oversold flight out of Minneapolis/St. Paul and then she is removed for the same reason on an oversold flight out of Phoenix, cherylsiscon wonders if this is a new approach by US Airways to attaining seats…

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Grand Slam: Earn Up to 100,000 Bonus US Airways Dividend Miles

There is currently a new promotion by US Airways called Grand Slam 2010!

While one can earn up to 100,000 bonus US Airways Dividend Miles by patronizing greater than 130 partners of US Airways, one can start off by earning 4,000 US Airways Dividend Miles theoretically without spending a single penny, or earning 8,000 US Airways Dividend Miles theoretically for as few as two dollars.

This promotion ends November 14, 2010. Rules, restrictions, terms and conditions apply.

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“Here Are Your 500 US Airways Dividend Miles for NOT Requesting a Quote…”

If you prefer to use the Internet to take advantage of offers and promotions, you are not going to like this one where you can earn 500 free Dividend Miles for not requesting a life insurance quote, because you must request your 500 US Airways Dividend Miles the old-fashioned way: via postcard, which will cost all of 28¢ plus the postcard itself and the ink or lead used to write on the postcard. The 500 US Airways Dividend Miles are expected to be added to your Dividend Miles account within six to eight weeks.

Rather, is it worth it to request the free life insurance quote electronically for those same 500 US Airways Dividend Miles, as it is purportedly less expensive and quicker, as the 500 US Airways Dividend Miles are expected to be added to your Dividend Miles account within four to six weeks? You decide if you intend to take advantage of this offer, but do it before the offer expires on August 31, 2010.

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Maggots Force Flight to Return to Atlanta

A decision by a passenger allegedly attempting to transport spoiled meat aboard a short US Airways flight from Atlanta to Charlotte resulted in the proliferation of Maggots in PAX baggage in overhead bin, forcing the pilots to return the aircraft to Atlanta.

Anyone who has taken the short flight knows that the aircraft starts its descent into Charlotte not long after it reaches its cruising altitude from Atlanta, so for the flight to divert back to Atlanta would have taken just as much time − if not more time − than merely continuing on to Charlotte and completing the flight.

Video is available for those who are not squeamish about watching a maggot crawling on a seat…

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Free Silver Preferred Status on US Airways for 90 Days

Yes, US Airways is offering a Free 90 Day Silver Trial – Again for 2010.

While it is somewhat different than the promotion that was first posted here at The Gate last year, this offer is eligible only to those US Airways Dividend Miles members who are currently non-elite general members, did not have status in 2009 and have not done any trial or status match within the past 24 months. Also, one must purchase a non-refundable ticket on US Airways or US Airways Express online to qualify for the 90-day Silver Preferred trial status.

Among other perks, Silver Preferred status members of the US Airways Dividend Miles frequent flier loyalty program enjoy no bag fees for first and second checked bags, priority check-in and boarding, First Class upgrades and a choice of Preferred seats.

This promotion is good until August 15, 2010. Other rules and restrictions apply.

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US Airways Abandons Merger Talks with United Airlines; Continental Airlines to Merge with United Instead?

A lot has transpired since The Gate first reported that US Airways in talks to buy United Airlines.

First, the acquisition talks morphed into merger talks.

Then came the Headline: WSJ: US Airways Bd Decided To Discontinue Merger Talks With United.

Meanwhile, news about Continental interested in merger with United Airlines spread amongst frequent fliers, prompting the question Just how dead *is* the Continental merger…?

This story is far from over. Stay tuned as speculation reigns throughout FlyerTalk and the frequent flier community…

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Double US Airways Dividend Miles AND Double Elite Qualification Miles Towards Preferred Status Promotion

US Airways is offering a PROMO: Spring 2010 Double Preferred Miles – Apr 13 to June 15, as many airlines in the United States offered last year. However, this year there is an added twist: not only do US Airways Dividend Miles members receive double elite qualification miles towards Preferred status for 2011, but they will also receive double Dividend Miles as well. Simply register, book a trip and travel between today and June 15, 2010 to be eligible for this promotion. Other terms and restrictions apply.

Will other airlines follow the lead of US Airways and match this promotion?

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Breaking News: US Airways in Talks to Buy United Airlines?

The New York Times reports that US Airways and United Airlines are currently in talks regarding the acquisition of — or merger with — United Airlines by US Airways. Could this dethrone Delta Air Lines during its nascent tenure as the largest commercial airline in the world?

The talk of this potential merger of two Star Alliance partners in the United States has already swept through FlyerTalk:

Yes, you read the title of that last link correctly: American Airlines merging with Continental Airlines? That would be hilarious, if only because Continental Airlines started off in the now-defunct Wings alliance, then joined the SkyTeam alliance, then moved on to Star Alliance, and then would complete the airline alliance tour with the oneworld alliance.

Anyway, speculation abounds wildly throughout FlyerTalk, and it will not stop anytime soon…

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It’s Back: 100% Bonus for Sharing US Airways Dividend Miles

If you have been looking to share your US Airways Dividend Miles with someone, or if you would like someone to share them with you, now is the time to do so as US Airways is offering Double bonus for shared miles (Another round: Apr-May 2010), up to a limit of 50,000 Dividend Miles doubling to 100,000 Dividend Miles in 1,000-miles increments.

If you are a US Airways Dividend Miles Preferred member, the news is even better, as Preferred members qualify for an additional 25% Bonus.

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Companion Upgrade Policy Change on US Airways Pertaining to Passengers Not Traveling on the Same Record

The Gate recently received correspondence from a reader commenting on a change in the companion upgrade policy quietly implemented by US Airways:

Have you heard of the new HORRIBLE change in the companion policy for upgrades on US?  Their companion upgrade policy was one of the reasons we fly US as much as we do to get our kids/family travel companions upgraded one adult and one child upgraded per flight.  But on 3/4/10, they amended their policy, WITHOUT NOTIFYING ANYONE, to disallow companion upgrades if the travelers are not in the same record.  My husband is Chairman, I am Gold, and my two boys are Silver preferred, but we always travel in separate records because my husband has to come back earlier for work on most trips.  So now, due to logistics, and ONLY logistics of booking arrangements, we cannot upgrade our kids as early as ourselves.

What are your thoughts here?  I would LOVE to see the policy reverted back to how it was before.

Although some FlyerTalk members appear to be happy with this new policy, others seem to be as angry about the lack of announcement by US Airways pertaining to the change in the companion upgrade policy as they are regarding the policy itself. In fact, at least one FlyerTalk member has called for a Companion Upgrade Letter Writing Campaign – Action Needed.

Echoing the reader who wrote in to us, what are your thoughts? Please post your comments regarding this issue. Thank you in advance.

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