Earn 200 Bonus Airline Miles Every Night You Stay with Priority Club

The following text is taken verbatim from an e-mail message received just moments ago:

Earn bonus miles every night you stay, and get rewarded faster!

Get an additional 200 miles for every qualifying night you stay from February 1 to April 30, 2010 – up to 4,000 miles with any hotel in the Priority Club® Rewards family of brands, InterContinental®, Crowne Plaza®, Hotel Indigo®, Holiday Inn®, Holiday Inn Express®, Staybridge Suites® or Candlewood Suites® hotels worldwide. With over 4,300 hotels worldwide, it’s never been easier to earn bonus miles.

Details such as qualifying airlines and FlyerTalk member commentary can be found in the following threads:

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Pray That Security Does Not Prey on Prayers


Diagram of a man wearing Tefillin and a yarmulke while praying

A Jewish teenager who reportedly had no time to put on tefillin and pray before his early morning flight on US Airways bound for Louisville from New York decided to be efficient with his time and pray while in flight. After all, there is no harm in praying on-board an aircraft while in flight — right?

The only problem is that he did not consider how other people on the aircraft might react to his putting on tefillin — a daily ritual practiced for thousands of years by those who adhere to the laws of Judaism — and the result was that the aircraft was diverted to Philadelphia.

Was the whole situation merely a fluke and a misunderstanding, or did the teenager do anything wrong or make a mistake?

Follow the details of the story — as well as reaction by FlyerTalk members — in the following threads:

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Some US Airways Flights Temporarily Suspended in Washington, D.C.

The fact that Some gates in Terminal C closed at Reagan Airport due to Flooding actually has nothing to do with terrorism, as the flood is currently washing a ton of the airport near Washington, D.C. as information related to this story is still dripping out.

Water the cause for the closures? What is apparently forcing the suspension or cancellation of some US Airways flights is a pipe burst, and not a pipe bomb.

We will pipe down now…

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US Airways’ New Award Chart Released

There is a NEWS FLASH: New US Star Alliance/Partner Award Charts Released – Effective 1/6/10 and — for the most part — FlyerTalk members are breathing a sigh of relief that the increase in miles needed to redeem for award tickets on US Airways flights has not substantially increased and that the changes are not as bad as anticipated.

There is even a chart where a quick comparison between old and new mileage requirements for awards can easily be determined, where it appears that the percentages of the increase in miles required range between 7% and 29%, with one egregious increase at 50% and the other at 33%.

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Doctor Requests Compensation for Assisting Passenger During a Flight

A Doctor wants compensation for helping passenger on a US Airways flight, helping to prevent a possible diversion of the flight due to a health emergency. In return for assisting a passenger who allegedly overdosed on sleeping pills for four hours, or approximately half the total duration of the flight, the doctor reportedly requested two tickets for two people to Tel Aviv, Israel from US Airways.

While some FlyerTalk members believe the doctor should indeed be compensated for the amount of time and effort that was invested in assisting the passenger, others are outraged that a doctor would even request anything at all.

What do you believe the doctor deserves, as well as actually received, for services rendered on-board that US Airways flight?

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Attain Elite Status Twice as Fast on American Airlines and United Airlines…Again

Here we go again.

American Airlines and United Airlines are offering double elite qualification miles once more in 2009. You may recall that The Gate reported on when this was done the first time.

Now speculation runs rampant on other airlines who have not offered this promotion yet — and while some FlyerTalk members are ecstatic and even frenzied about this new round of bonus elite qualification mile promotions, there are FlyerTalk members who do not want for other airlines to offer a similar promotion — some of whom are quite adamant with their opposition. What are the reasons?

For more details, information, speculation and debate, please refer to the following threads:

Please stay tuned and fasten your seat belts…

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Divorce and Miles and Points

Divorce can be quite messy and troublesome enough, but the prospect of a FlyerTalk member sharing some — or even losing all — of his or her miles and points to a soon-to-be-former spouse can be sheer torture.

Here is a compendium of threads to help one sort through the rules and policies regarding a divorce in some frequent traveler loyalty programs:

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