WestJet Voice Activated Assistant; The Poop on Swoop; and Big Sale

Not to disappoint those who appreciate the annual April Fools’ Day video and big sale, Richard Bartrem — who is the vice president of marketing communications and community relations at WestJet — is at it again in 2018 with a new voice activated assistant…

…as well as introducing a new elite status tier called…

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WestJet: My First Flight

WestJet Airlines Limited — which is better known as simply WestJet — is an airline which is based in Calgary. I have written about WestJet in articles in the past at The Gate primarily because of the creative videos; and I have even poked fun at the Canadian accent of Richard Bartrem, who is the the vice president of marketing communications and community relations at WestJet…

…but I have never flown as a passenger on one of their airplanes — until now…

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Must-Watch Video: WestJet Honors Residents of Fire-Ravaged Fort MacMurray For Christmas

I was genuinely touched by this comment written by DavidB — who is a reader of The Gate — in response to this article I wrote pertaining to the plight of the residents of the town of Fort MacMurray, as everyone was forced to evacuate due to the raging wildfires which consumed portions of their community.

At the time that article was written on Friday, May 6, 2016 — five days after the wildfire started — an estimated 88,000 people had already fled the area in what is considered the largest evacuation in the history of the province of Alberta, which was part of the greater than 250,000 acres of land that had already been scorched.

When the wildfires were finally declared under control on Tuesday, July 5, 2016, approximately 1,500,000 acres of land in Alberta and Saskatchewan were burned — and 2,400 homes and buildings were destroyed — in the costliest disaster in the history of Canada. Please read the article for more details on just how dire was the situation.

Many people lost everything to those wildfires.

Usually at this time of year, WestJet releases one of its classic videos for Christmas — but this year was extra special…

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New SmartSeats by WestJet Can Change the Way You Fly

Imagine a seat where once you sit in it at the airport, you can stay in it until the airplane on which you are a passenger lands at your final destination.

After years of research and testing, SmartSeats is a new concept in boarding flights which has been introduced by WestJet and are guaranteed to change the way people fly. How? Your SmartSeats in the boarding lounge will also be your seats on the plane. Just sit back, relax and let SmartSeats do the work.

Click here to watch and see how SmartSeats work…

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WestJet, Delta Air Lines Reciprocal Partnership Details Announced

Effective as of January 1, 2015, you can enjoy the benefits of a reciprocal partnership between WestJet and Delta Air Lines where you can earn or redeem your choice of either SkyMiles or WestJet Dollars regardless of whether the operator of the flight is Delta Air Lines or WestJet.


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