Taking a Powder: Part 2

…as well as taking shampoo, conditioner, tissues, lotion, shower caps, soap and other assorted items, which has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not the Transportation Security Administration Takes a Powder?

Do you take hotel toiletries ?

This is a simple question from a classic FlyerTalk thread which ponders the acceptability of absconding toiletries from hotel rooms, as well as how often it can be done. Some people prefer to use their own toiletries and not to use the ones provided by the hotel property even while staying at the hotel. Others take the toiletries and donate them to their favorite charity. Still others like to use them as “back-up” toiletries in case their supply becomes depleted. Then there are those who like to use the toiletries for travel, as they are usually packaged in convenient sizes.

There is even a civil debate regarding when to take toiletries from hotel rooms — if they should be taken at all, that is — and how they are to be used.

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