TalkBoard Election 2013: Voting is Now Open — But Hurry

Voting has been open for the 16 FlyerTalk members who are candidates to become members of TalkBoard, vying for five open positions. You can play an important role towards guiding and improving FlyerTalk for the future by voting for which FlyerTalk members you would like to represent you as TalkBoard members to serve a term of two years recommending decisions with regard to the management, organization and content of FlyerTalk.
What ideas do candidates hoping to be elected as members of TalkBoard want to implement for FlyerTalk? What features do they wish FlyerTalk had? How will they represent FlyerTalk members? Do any of them have a specific action to propose if elected? If you are not sure of whom to vote, visit the TalkBoard Elections/2013 forum for input from each TalkBoard candidate and their positions on issues affecting FlyerTalk to ensure that you decision on whom to vote is an informed one. Remember — you can vote for up to four candidates.
The voting period ends on Thursday, November 21, 2013 — and once you vote, this nifty little badge shown at left will appear under your FlyerTalk name.
The TalkBoard is a member-elected board which provides direction and decisions on issues that affect the FlyerTalk community as a whole. As a group, the members of the TalkBoard represent a wide cross-section of FlyerTalk members
Vote today!

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