TalkMail, You Have Nothing About Which to Worry!

As one of the two official Gate-keepers – yes, I just coined that term just now – I am bending the rules (?) slightly here in response to the following quote that was part of the December 6 issue of the TalkMail newsletter:

” (Sounds of scuffling, a desk drawer being slammed … off in the distance, an angry voice, “FINE, I’LL WRITE IT, BUT I DON’T HAVE TO BE HAPPY ABOUT IT!” … another slam, this time an office door) …

If you like TalkMail, you’ll love our newest addition to the site (sigh) — our member-authored blog (yawn).

Like the hugely popular and much-loved TalkMail, this new blog (or whatever you call it) highlights all the most informative, humorous, and entertaining aspects of our vast community. But unlike TalkMail it’s updated every day, several times a day (sounds like information overload to me), and is written by members of the community who know of where they speak (um, yeah, no offense taken at the implication there, thank you very much).

Anyway, if you have absolutely nothing better to do, head on over to to check out this latest offering.

No rush though. Really, if you have a report to write for work, or maybe your spouse needs you to run some errands, or, you know, your cat needs washing, don’t feel a need to rush on over to the link or anything. It’ll probably still be there when you’re ready.

And remember, the latest and greatest issue of TalkMail will anxiously be awaiting the click of your mouse in another two weeks, just where it’s always been, like a loving, faithful dog that deserves your pity 😀

(Ah, who are we kidding … we’re dead meat 😉 ).”

To the editor of the TalkMail newsletter – whose identity will not be revealed by me – you have nothing about which to worry.

First of all, unlike The Gate “blog”, your TalkMail newsletter is e-mailed to FlyerTalk members.

Second, with me as one of The Gate-keepers, it is no competition. I mean, whose bright idea was it to choose me of all people to be one of to co-writers of this “blog”? Granting me the right to write the right writings is a rite which should rightly have the right writing without writing righteous right-wing writings about the Wright Amendment rights, right?

Third, after pawsing for a moment, I do not think I would want to wash a cat. Scratch that idea.

Fourth, dead meat tastes much better than meat that is still alive. Trust me on this one.

Lastly, think of this “blog” as the TalkMail newsletter’s younger cousin. In fact, I do not believe The Gate would even exist without the TalkMail newsletter as its precedent-setting predecessor.

Click here for access to past issues of the TalkMail newsletter.

By the way, TalkMail newsletter editor: please do not let anyone know about you allegedly bribing me to post an advertisement for the TalkMail newsletter, as well as some compliments about it in this “blog”. Let’s just keep this our little secret…

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