Tallest Tower in the World to Be Opened by the Year 2020

S lated to surpass the height of Burj Khalifa by approximately 100 meters or 328 feet, ground is expected to be broken next month for the construction of The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour, which is due to open by the time Dubai hosts the World Expo — at a cost of one billion dollars.

Tallest Tower in the World to Be Opened by the Year 2020

“The Tower draws design inspiration from the lily and evokes the image of a minaret, a common feature and distinctive aspect of Islamic culture”, according to this official press release from Emaar Properties, which is the real estate firm behind this latest project. “The slender stem serves as the analogy for the structure, which is linked to the ground with cables.”

The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour — which is designed by architect Santiago Calatrava Valls — will not be a skyscraper in the traditional sense; but rather more as a spire supported by cables and may possibly house a boutique hotel, vertical gardens, a hanging garden, a 360-degree observation platform, restaurants, function hall spaces, observation decks, and other tourist facilities.

Here are four videos pertaining to what is purported to become the tallest tower in the world:


While The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour is expected to clock in at a height of 928 meters, it will still not exceed the height of the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia — which is anticipated to be a full kilometer tall — the construction of which is expected to be completed in 2018 and celebrate its grand opening in 2019…

…and although I do not expect to return to Dubai, I might think twice about visiting The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour after my disappointing — and expensive — “premium” experience at Burj Khalifa

Sources: Emaar Properties and PR Newswire.

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