Teenager Hit by Rock While in Hotel Swimming Pool; 17 Stitches Required

To celebrate winning a softball game on Saturday, July 13, 2019 during the Atlanta Legacy Showcase softball tournament, members of the Silver Creek High School team from Sellersburg in Indiana decided to use the swimming pool at the Comfort Inn hotel property in Douglasville — which is located approximately 20 miles west of Atlanta — when a large rock suddenly hit its pitcher in the face while she was in the water.

Teenager Hit by Rock While in Hotel Swimming Pool; 17 Stitches Required

Megan Ekart — who is 16 years old — was taken to the hospital, where her head required 17 stitches to heal from the laceration caused by the impact of the rock. She also reportedly suffered from a concussion.

“Someone threw a rock over the fence of the hotel and it hit me in the head. I felt something hit me and I blacked out and realized I was underwater,” according to this article in which she told her account of what happened to Christian Jennings of WSB-TV Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta. “I’m probably going to have scars on my face the rest of my life. I don’t understand what makes that enjoyable for someone to throw a rock and ruin someone’s life.”

Ekart was also a member of the girls soccer team at her high school — but according to this message posted on Twitter, she will not be able to participate with the team this year.

Surveillance video was obtained by the police in Douglasville from the Days Inn hotel property located next door and is currently being reviewed. An employee of the Days Inn hotel property who witnessed four guys running from the scene of the crime into a room had “pulled the portfolios of the people in the room and gave the detective that information.”

The suspects were in town for a different sports tournament, according to police. No other information pertaining to the suspects is known at the time this article was written.

Ekart reportedly kept the rock — which was almost the size of her hand — as a souvenir.


Keeping aware of your surroundings everywhere you travel is always advised to protect yourself against harm or being a victim of a crime — but how does someone prepare for being hit by a large rock while swimming in a pool at a hotel property?

I hope that whoever is responsible for this incident is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Source: The official Twitter account of the Silver Creek High School Dragons girls soccer team.

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  1. DaninMCI says:

    This is terrible but doesn’t sound intentional. I hope she recovers quickly. That being said this is a good example of why I hate staying at hotels with sports teams, cheer squads, etc. Not because I’m afraid of being hit by a random rock but it’s just a good party kinda time with people running around, slamming doors, not sleeping, etc.

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