Terror Alert in Australia Raised to Second-Highest Level

I f you plan on traveling to or from Australia, expect increased security screenings at many public venues — including airports — due to the threat posed by local supporters of Islamic State militants, according to this article written by Jason Scott of Bloomberg Businessweek.

The National Terrorism Public Alert System in Australia was raised for the first time in approximately a decade from medium to high — which is the second-highest level — meaning that an attack is likely but not imminent, according to Tony Abbott, who is the Prime Minister of Australia.

The increase in the terror alert level apparently occurred a day after September 11, 2014, which marked 13 years since the terror attacks endured by the United States.

Last month, the terror alert in the United Kingdom was also increased to its second-highest level for the same reason. Expect increased security screenings if you are traveling to or from the United Kingdom.


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