Test Yourself: How Well Do You Know The World?

Yes, I know — you travel so much that you have been to nine continents and found countries of which no one has even discovered as of yet, let alone heard.
On a lighter note — to take a break from the other articles which have recently been posted at The Gate — here is a fun and simple game called GeoGuessr
…and I would not be the least bit surprised if you eventually became addicted to playing it.
The way GeoGuessr works is that it shows an image using the street view of Google Maps. You have to guess the location of that image using a small map of the world shown at the right side, as shown in the illustration below. The closer your guess is to the location, the more points you earn for the round, where you have five chances to guess.

Click on the illustration above to access GeoGuessr — but be forewarned: you might not be able to stop playing it.

Fueling the addiction is that the game automatically starts over when you are finished.
One trick is to use the features of Google Maps to help you become more informed about your guess. For example, if you see a road sign or a license plate in the distance, you can either zoom in on the image or “travel” down the road to get “closer.” You can also turn around at a full 360 degrees to get more of an idea of exactly where “you are located.”
Pay close attention to the subjects of the photographs: what kind of terrain is shown? On which side of the vehicle is the steering wheel? The architecture and weather can also give clues as well.
In order to have a chance at earning better scores, ensure that you zoom in on the map for greater accuracy pertaining to your guess.
FlyerTalk members of the British Airways Executive Club forum have been participating in this game and comparing scores — but why should they keep it all to themselves? It should be shared with other FlyerTalk members, which I have done here…
…so how well do you know the world? How many locations can you recognize? Please feel free to share your shores in the Comments section below.
No — no need to thank me. You are welcome. Now let’s see you be able to break away from this game after you started playing it…

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  1. fjfv19 says:

    Well, this just killed my entire morning at work.

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