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This Airbus A330-223 aircraft operated as Delta Air Lines flight 281 from Seattle to Hong Kong earlier this month. Do you believe that Delta Air Lines is the most trusted airline in the world? Photograph by FlyerTalk member nabilm92. Click on the photograph for a trip report written by nabilm92.

Reading the title of this article, you are probably asking yourself to which weblog I am referring.
If I replied The Gate, you would most likely think that I was full of myself. What criteria would I have used to call The Gate the World’s Most Trusted “Blog”? Would it be that I reliably post an article at an average of once per day? Perhaps the content is always accurate 100 percent of the time — which I even admit is not true, as I am thankful to have readers point out inaccuracies to me found in the articles I post.
Personally — as ludicrous as I think it would be if I decided to call The Gate the World’s Most Trusted “Blog” — to attempt to trademark The Gate with that slogan would be downright pompous, in my opinion. I can guarantee to you that not everyone would agree with that statement.
Similarly, Delta Air Lines reportedly attempted to apply for the trademark as the world’s most trusted airline — and the first question which immediately popped into my head was by whose standards? The second question was by what metrics?
“‘Most trusted’ in what (on-time performance?, comfortable hard product?, expensive tickets?, to have poor FF program?, to attack SkyTeam partners?)?”, asked FlyerTalk member relangford. “Seems vague to me (probably planned that way). Anyway, there isn’t, IMHO, any requirement for truth in a TM slogan.”
Ironically, it was not too long ago — August of 2013, to be more precise — that some FlyerTalk members thought of Delta Air Lines as the least respected brand.
Please allow me to state that I implicitly trust Delta Air Lines to reliably transport me safely from origination to destination. The fact that I have visited their Technical Operations Center, their Operations Control Center, their training center where I learned valuable emergency techniques, their control towers at the international airport which serves the Atlanta metropolitan area, their offices — and also flew as a “pilot” in their flight simulators with their excellent instructors; worked as a gate agent for the morning several times; as well as met many of their employees — certainly does not hurt at all, as I now have much greater insight as to how the airline operates.
In fact, one of the main purposes of the Delta Air Lines FlyerTalk Events in 2009 and 2010 was to establish and strengthen trust between the airline and some of its more frequent customers; and it apparently worked — at least, for a while for some FlyerTalk members.
Even after almost four years since the last event, other FlyerTalk members still ask when the next event will take place. I am not going to tell you what Richard Anderson — the chief executive officer of Delta Air Lines — said to me last week regarding another Delta Air Lines FlyerTalk Event in the future…
…and no, what he said was not negative by any means — but I digress, as usual.
Yes, I do trust Delta Air Lines in many respects — but I also trust most other airlines. I might have been hesitant to fly as a passenger on ValuJet since the tragic crash of one of its airplanes into the Florida Everglades on May 11, 1996, killing all 110 passengers aboard the aircraft which operated as flight 592 — but then again, the same could be said for most other airlines which have experienced tragic accidents in one form or another.
According to FlyerTalk member sbm12 — also known as Seth Miller, who is the author of The Wandering Aramean weblog over at BoardingArea — in this article, the application by Delta Air Lines to trademark The World’s Most Trusted Airline has been denied by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Experience has taught me over the years that with regard to a company — and, I suppose, personally as well — if you have to say something, it probably is not true. For example, I refuse to patronize a restaurant which claims to serve “quality” food — why should I have to be told that? Trust should be earned and implicit — not part of some marketing slogan.
I am sure that there are plenty of people who do not trust Delta Air Lines — some FlyerTalk members express that sentiment in different ways — and a trademarked slogan is not going to change their minds…
…but there are many people who already do trust Delta Air Lines — and the recent success of that company proves it every day.
As for The Gate — well — I am simply happy that you read the articles that I post; and I certainly enjoy when you post your comments as well. Thank you for reading The Gate, the World’s Most Trusted “Blog”.

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