That Armrest is Not Your Footrest!

Given the unusual cold spell blanketing much of the United States this week, FlyerTalk member tdowl5757 had a difficult enough time leaving warm, sunny Hawai’i for frigid New York. However, not only was tdowl5757 subjected to Barefoot abuse, toe tapping and blown breaker, HNL/LGA — in the premium class cabin, no less — but was also given a not-so-flattering glare by the flight attendant after complaining about the seatmate who used the armrest separating them as a footrest more than once. In fact, the elbow of tdowl5757 was touched by the bare toes of the seatmate!

Are common courtesy and decorum a thing of the past? How should tdowl5757 have made the seatmate toe the line in this situation?


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