The .01€ Room Rate: Were "Hackers" the Cause?

FlyerTalk members scrambled to secure the now [EXPIRED] Crowne Plaza Venice East Quarto D Altino 1€ room rate. After all, with dreams of riding on gondolas in arguably one of the most romantic cities in the world, who would not want to secure such an inexpensive room rate for two nights for the cost of the rough equivalent of ten cents?

However, there is a chance that the rate will not be honored, as a report has surfaced with allegations that the central computer system of InterContinental Hotels Group in Atlanta has been “hacked”. As a result, a controversy is brewing with many different questions: for example, FlyerTalk members ask that if the central computer system really was “hacked”, why not choose a more expensive and luxurious hotel?

FlyerTalk members who were involved in booking a hotel room at the incredibly low rate now find themselves in the middle of a drama swirling with speculation…

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