The Buzz: Will Air France Go With Hop! as Name of Merged Regional Airlines?

This may possibly be the logo for Hop!, a merger of regional airlines of Air France expected to be completed later this year.

Buzz. Zip. Go. Wizz. Scoot. Jazz. song. Click. Zoom. Ted…
…and now Hop! — peut être.
Air France may continue with the trend of monosyllabic aviation monikers by branding the result of the merging of its regional carriers Hop!
One minor point that probably should be considered is that a number of the airlines on the aforementioned list no longer exist, including song, Ted, Buzz and Go.
The possible slogan for Hop! may be “Rendre l’Europe plus petite”, or “Making Europe smaller.”
Could this be the design of the livery of Hop! on the tail of the aircraft?

The regional carriers to be merged include Brit Air, Régional and Airlinair. The merger — scheduled to be completed later this year — is expected to decrease costs for services by the regional airlines by as much as 15 percent, which could include optimizing the fleet of aircraft, as well as the loss of jobs for up to 64 flight crew members.
Curiously, the name Hop! is rather close to KLM Cityhopper, which is the regional airline subsidiary of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines both operate under the holding company of Air France-KLM as the result of the merger of the two airlines and their respective frequent flier loyalty programs in 2004. Perhaps the name Hop! might be chosen to retain some consistency amongst the regional airlines?
Although the name Hop! is not yet official — and the final decision for the new name is expected later this month — FlyerTalk members are already posting their opinions about the name.
The comment by FlyerTalk member San Gottardo provokes some thought and seems to make clever sense as one reason why Air France chose an English word instead of a name based in the French language: “But ‘hop’ pronounced by a French speaker with the usual level of English will sound like ‘up’, which is of course much subtler than‘air’.”
Saut! is French for Hop! I suppose passengers would not like the thought of being sautéed while in flight — especially during the summer months.
I am just hoping that Air France is not trying to be hip with the name, as I do not particularly care to listen to music known as hip Hop! However, I think it could be cool for Hop! to have a partnership with airlines named Skip! and Jump!
Will the new combined regional airline serve German beer with fresh — er — hops?!?
What do you think of the name Hop! for the regional carrier of Air France? Please Hop! to it and post your comment below.

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