The Case of The Banana Bandit

No BananaA flight attendant monkeying around with the last banana in the snack basket on a Delta Air Lines flight was not appealing to FlyerTalk member Tomphot, who wants to know if written correspondence documenting the incident will bear fruit and take a bite out of a similar situation which could possibly occur in the future.

The flight attendant, now also known as The Banana Bandit, allegedly plucked the last banana out of the snack basket for passengers and put it in her sweater pocket with half of it still in view. Afterwards, Tomphot was reportedly told that they were all out of bananas after requesting one.

First there was no orange juice, then no peanuts, and now no bananas on-board aircraft during flight. What is next?!?

Some FlyerTalk members think this entire issue is bananas and nothing to go ape over…

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