The Case of the US$140 Bathrobe

How would you like to pay US$140.00 for a bathrobe?

That is the cost to rent it per night. It is not yours to keep.

FlyerTalk member and ersatz detective SkiAdcock cleverly deduced the cost of the bathrobe in The case of the $140 bathrobe… at a Marriott hotel property in California, where it is not actually the cost of renting the bathrobe, but rather the result of calculating the difference between room rates on different days where one rate includes the bathrobe but the other does not.

Well, at least one will earn the appropriate amount of Marriott Rewards points for renting this bathrobe. Isn’t that what is truly important anyway?!?

This leaves one to wonder how much the bathrobe would cost if one actually purchased it…

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