The Dog Days of Upgraded Airline Travel

I admit, I had to give paws before reading about the ruff life of a dog who was upgraded to the Business Class section of a CSA Czech Airlines flight. However, I decided that I’ll bite and read the tail, as told by FlyerTalk member nimeta, who witnessed this personally and reported it in the Dog Upgraded to Business Class on Czech Air thread.

It seems that this dog will go fur these days. It would really be a pet peeve if the dog was not at leash upgraded on such a long flight. It may be considered “spot on” that some FlyerTalk members would be tick-ed off if they were not upgraded.

I suppose that “when nature called”, the dog had to first sniff around the lavatory to get a leg up on its layout.

On second thought, although there is no known claws preventing me from posting stories such as this one, please scratch that comment.

I am curious as to how the dog disem-barked from the aircraft. Perhaps I should Czech that thread at a later date to possibly find out so that I can collar some additional information.

If the dog was staying at a hotel at its destination, would its mode of transportation be a Land Rover vehicle? Would the dog be “walked” if the hotel was pack-ed?

I wonder if the dog ever received any flea-quent flier miles for that flight…

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