The Fare at Delta Sky Clubs Just Does Not Cut the Cheese…

…and that stinks, according to some Delta forum FlyerTalk members.

As Seen in the Sky Club: DL’s Fake Cheese!, the “fake cheese” is actually processed cheddar cheese food.

However, FlyerTalk members did not just cheese it when that topic was exhausted, as they started slicing into other food products offered in Delta Sky Club lounges.

Is the fare offered in Delta Sky Clubs really toast, or are their stories full of holes?

One thought on “The Fare at Delta Sky Clubs Just Does Not Cut the Cheese…”

  1. Natalie says:

    I am travelling today on an international flight through Delta. I went to buy a one day pass at the club only to find that it was $50/day. The person at the door told me unlimited alcohol, but only light food offerings. While I am sure it is very comfortable, it is a complete rip off after you have paid for an international fare, luggage fees, etc. Not impressed.

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