The FlyerTalk Economy

At the time that this was written, there were 177,464 FlyerTalk members — enough people to populate a moderately-sized city.

It stands to reason, therefore, that FlyerTalk members, who are as varied and diverse as the population of most cities and towns throughout the world, could support each other in what I like to call the FlyerTalk Economy.

Perhaps your company is searching for a new employee? Is there a product or service that you want? Are you looking to travel to meet other FlyerTalk members and are looking for ways to increase your capital to finance the trip? Do you need assistance in completing a project?

Why not give preference to fulfilling your needs to a fellow FlyerTalk member?

Here are four threads to help jump-start the FlyerTalk Economy:

  • Hire a FlyertalkerIdeal for both FlyerTalk members who are searching for employment, as well as FlyerTalk members who are looking to hire someone.
  • The FlyerTalk Business Exchange Forum Ideal for both FlyerTalk members who are searching for a product or service, as well as FlyerTalk members who are looking to promote either their own products and services or the products and services of their companies.
  • Earning Compensation to Attend FlyerTalk Gatherings: An IdeaIf you are attending a gathering of FlyerTalk members and are seeking ideas on how to finance the trip, why not be creative and ask FlyerTalk members in the area in which you plan to visit and find out if someone who can use your talents, products or services will compensate you?
  • The Continuous “Please Assist a FlyerTalk Member” Get-Together Thread – Ideal for those FlyerTalk members who can mutually benefit each other by agreeing to offer their assistance and support to the other in order to complete projects, such as working on each other’s homes.

If there are any other threads that you believe would contribute to the FlyerTalk Economy, please send me an e-mail at and I will update what has been posted here.

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