The Gate is Now Live at FlyerTalk!

The Gate is now live at FlyerTalk! A new tab called Blog has been added at the top of every FlyerTalk “page” between the Home and Forums tabs for easy access from anywhere within FlyerTalk. Currently, The Gate is the only weblog residing at The Gate — and if you are confused, that is because The Gate will eventually host other weblogs in addition to The Gate, which is its flagship weblog.
Temporarily, The Gate will reside at both and FlyerTalk not only for a smooth transition, but also for the reason that comments cannot yet be posted at the FlyerTalk version at this time.
Today is a bittersweet day for The Gate, as it has been a part of for almost five years. I have personally enjoyed being a part of the family, as I have met many fellow “bloggers” personally and even consider many of them my friends — some of whom I met again only a few days ago in New York at The Frequent Traveler Awards, the Randy Petersen Executive Summit, and Frequent Traveler University.
By no means is this goodbye. Rather, this is just the beginning. There can never be too much information for the frequent traveler. I personally encourage you to read the weblogs from both and The Gate on FlyerTalk to get the most information possible to make educated decisions that are optimized for your travel preferences.
As for future content of The Gate, nothing will change — that is, unless you submit your suggestions and recommendations on how The Gate can serve you better.
Thank you again for five years of your support. I look forward to more years of your support for The Gate.

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