The Love Story of a Very Engaging Sky Club Meeting

FlyerTalk member brillb wanted to propose to fellow FlyerTalk member lvp1531 in a special way to marry him, but he was uncertain at first on just how to do it. However, with a little help and a lot of cooperation from his new friends at Delta Air Lines, he decided to meet her in the Delta Air Lines Sky Club at the same Terminal E concourse at the airport in Atlanta where they first met three years prior, and then propose to her on an empty Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-400 aircraft in the BusinessElite cabin.

Find out for yourself if A Medallion Wedding Proposal will — ahem — ring a bell with you…and yes, there are photographs of the actual engagement.

Forget about the movie Up in the Air — the only two people who actually feel like they are up in the air right now are brillb and lvp1531 with their touching and heartwarming real-life story. The Gate congratulates them and wishes them all the best, with many years of happiness!

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