The Morals of Upgrading Yourself to a Better Rental Car to Which You are Not Entitled

Here is what is thought to be a good deed that has since gone awry.

FlyerTalk member Lofwyr was doing what Lofwyr thought was a good service to fellow FlyerTalk members by alerting those who are not Executive members of the Emerald Club of National Car Rental that they can simply take a car out of the Executive area of the Emerald Aisle at certain National Car Rental locations even though they are not entitled to it.

FlyerTalk members respond by either saying that what Lofwyr did was dishonest at best, or that it is the fault of National Car Rental by not enforcing the policies and rules more strictly. Still other FlyerTalk members either have mixed feelings or are neutral on this issue.

What do you think? Post your thoughts and see what other FlyerTalk members had to say in the Try out the Executive Selection even if you are not Executive thread, which is certainly destined to be one of the hottest and most controversial topics that the National forum has had in a long time.

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