The Mystery of the Brooklyn Reality Tour

FlyerTalk member dhammer53 has hosted the Brooklyn Reality Tour for nine consecutive years since he originally created this now-legendary FlyerTalk event and is preparing to host the 10th Annual Brooklyn Reality Tour. Saturday June 12, 2010, which dhammer53 has been proclaiming in no uncertain terms that this year will be the last year for the BRT, or Brooklyn Reality Tour — or is it?!?

In his own words, dhammer53 posts:

“For those of you that read between the lines, there will probably be a BRT 11. I’ve edited the first post so that you can figure out the riddle.”

Could this mean that the Brooklyn Reality Tour will still occur but no longer be annual event? Will dhammer53 still be the host of future Brooklyn Reality Tours? Is the extension primarily to entice FlyerTalk founder and member Randy Petersen to finally attend the tour? Or, could this be some devilishly fiendish plot to have the Brooklyn Reality Tour mentioned here at The Gate?

If it is the latter, nice try, dhammer53, but it will never work, as the Brooklyn Reality Tour will never be mentioned or posted here at The Gate.

2 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Brooklyn Reality Tour”

  1. dhammer says:

    It would appear that ‘jailer’, who does have Brooklyn blood, has figured out the riddle. Now riddle me this Canarsie, name 3 other Flyertalkers of Brooklyn heritage, that haven’t see Brooklyn from the BRT? It’s an easy one for you my friend.

  2. Brian Cohen says:

    Could the answer be meducate, monitor and me?

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