The Naked Newspaper Grab — EXPOSED!

Apparently, the practice of reaching for that newspaper in front of the hotel room door without wearing clothes is more commonplace than one might think.

Variations of this practice also include reaching for the Do Not Disturb sign on the outside doorknob of the hotel room door and placing a room service tray that is no longer needed outside of the hotel room off to the side of the door.

However, FlyerTalk members — both male and female — reveal the naked truth and admit to being caught partaking in this practice.

Addressing the dressing issue, some FlyerTalk members suggest that robes are supplied for the express purpose of situations such as the Naked newspaper grab, but what if the lodging establishment does not supply one and the guest forgets or neglects to bring one? Do they exclaim “Oh, shirt!!!” after panting for a solution in panic?

In a completely unrelated story that is certain to knock your socks off, UPS Made Its Drivers Buy Their Own Socks: Lawsuit.

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