Image Source: The New York Wheel.

The New York Wheel: Tallest in the World to Debut on Staten Island in 2017?

ew York may not have held the title to the tallest building in the world in years — nor might it regain that title in the foreseeable future — but there are plans to build what is being billed as the largest landmark in the world.

The New York Wheel — to be located near the terminal of the Staten Island Ferry in the Saint George area on the northeastern side of Staten Island — is expected to cost approximately $230 million. At approximately 630 feet — or roughly 60 stories — in height, the attraction will be the tallest observation wheel in the world and the only one located in New York City when it opens sometime in 2017. It will be the centerpiece of land which will consist of a 25,000-square-foot playground and a six-acre green roof that will sit atop the main parking lot, to be used mainly for music events.

Tickets are expected to cost between $25.00 and $30.00 per person; and the ride is expected to last for approximately 38 minutes. The New York Wheel will accommodate up to 1,440 people per ride; and is expected to welcome as many as 30,000 visitors per day and greater than four million visitors per year. It will be open from 10:00 in the morning through either 10:00 in the evening or midnight — and sometimes until 2:00 in the morning on special occasions — seven days per week and closed only for days where maintenance and severe weather is expected to affect its operations.

The project will strive for Platinum LEED — or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design — certification to ensure that the New York Wheel is environmentally compatible, provides a healthy work environment; and is profitable. Details of this certification can be found at the official Internet web site of the United States Green Building Council.

I was on what is currently the tallest wheel in the world — the High Roller — when I was in Las Vegas this past September. I did not bring my camera with me aboard the wheel; but Kevin of Economy Class & Beyond has photographs of the experience in this article.

Whenever a major project is planned within the city limits of New York, Staten Island is usually the last place of which people think; so it is refreshing that what is sometimes known as the “forgotten borough” will be the site of The New York Wheel, where you will eventually be able to enjoy a potentially amazing view of New York Harbor, New York and northeastern New Jersey from a unique vantage point only previously seen by passengers aboard airplanes and helicopters.

Happy Memorial Day, if you are celebrating the holiday today.

Image Source: The New York Wheel.

  1. I have mixed feelings about the ferris wheel or should I say observatory wheel. 😉 I always found that watching baseball games at the Staten Island Yankees stadium (the one shown there in the photo) is one of the best kept ‘secrets’ in nyc since the tickets are affordable for majority of families compared to Yankee stadium up in the Bronx or Mets stadium in Queens. In addition, it has one of the best views of NYC where you can see Brooklyn, Manhattan, and NJ —- all while watching a baseball game!
    I just hope the wheel doesn’t ruin the view from the stands.
    Still, at $30-$40 per person per ride, I’m not sure if tourists or NYers would go all the way to staten island for it but who knows? The wheel is probably better if it were in Jersey City or Queens or Brooklyn.

    1. That is a great tip on how to enjoy baseball in New York while admiring the views of the city without it breaking the bank, Joey. Thank you — and your “secret” is safe with me…

  2. This is a horrendous idea. A hideous wheel that sticks out like a sore thumb. First off, Staten Island is a traffic mess to begin with, they don’t need attractions. Second, the cost to build it is insane. Third no one is willing to get frostbite by riding a Ferris wheel in the cold weather months. Staten Island should stick to what it’s good at, being a traffic nightmare and smelling of garbage.

    1. “Fresh Kills”: what a name!

      Yes, I would smell the rancid odor of garbage every time I drove by there, Captain Obvious

      …and I also believe that the wheel could potentially be an eyesore on Staten Island.

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