The Obnoxious Seatmate

You have flown enough to have sat next to one of the following obnoxious seatmates, including but not limited to:

  • The tunneler who digs deep for gold in his nose with his finger and inspecting every few minutes to see if he hit “paydirt”
  • The flatulent person who also reeks of body odor and halitosis
  • The person who invades your space with his or her feet, arms, rolls of fat, hair or other body parts
  • The parent of the screaming child who changes said diaper of said child right at the seat — during mealtime, no less
  • The gum chewer who pops and cracks the gum
  • The nose snorter who sneezes, yawns, burps and coughs in your direction without covering his or her mouth
  • The nervous passenger who will not stop fidgeting
  • The loud talker, whistler, hummer or singer
  • The messy oaf whose garbage, crumbs and other assorted litter invade your personal space
  • The hungry person who smacks and chews like a cow while eating odoriferous food

If you have sat next to an Obnoxious seatmate – what’s your experience?

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