The OMNI Forum is Now Open to All

The OMNI forum was created years ago as a result of the desire of FlyerTalk members to have a place to discuss topics other than the main focus of FlyerTalk, which is primarily miles and points and, to a certain extent, travel.

The decision by FlyerTalk member and founder Randy Petersen to open the OMNI forum to all has become a controversial one.

Previously, a FlyerTalk member was required to post a minimum of 90 times and be a FlyerTalk member for a minimum of 180 days before being automatically granted access to the OMNI forum. Now anyone can view the OMNI forum, as well as search for threads in that forum via such search engines as Google. Also, all one has to do to post to the OMNI forum is become a FlyerTalk member.

Many FlyerTalk members have expressed disappointment and outrage that the OMNI forum is, for all intents and purposes, open to all. There are calls for the OMNI forum to return to its pseudo-private club-like lounge status — an area where FlyerTalk members can be a little more open about their thoughts and feelings to other FlyerTalk members. What do you think? Please opine in the following FlyerTalk threads:

By the way, by linking the last thread, this is the first time that The Gate has highlighted a thread in the OMNI forum.

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