The Passenger Next to You Purposely Wakes You Up by Poking You to Chat Incessantly with You…

…what would you do if this happened to you?

Poor bmxbboy. This FlyerTalk member simply wanted to post this experience to other FlyerTalk members.

It seems that bmxbboy was in the Business Class section…

…and he had just performed a good deed by moving to another seat to allow a family with a baby to be more comfortable, making the flight that much easier for them.

bmxbboy was then rewarded by a passenger who purposely pokes him, thus awakening him from a sound sleep so that she may chat profusely with him.

This passenger was not in her originally assigned seat. You see, she is allergic to nail polish, and her neighbor in the Coach Class cabin was applying nail polish. As a result, the flight attendant upgraded her to the Business Class seat next to bmxbboy.

As one can imagine, the responses were quite imaginative and interesting, to say the least. Find out the advice and solutions offered by other FlyerTalk members in the FA moves ‘chatty’ pass. to sit beside me thread and, if you like, share your experience or post some advice of your own.

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