The Suggestion Box Forum Returns to FlyerTalk

A s TalkBoard will be disbanded after Wednesday, November 30, 2016, its replacement has already been launched and activated: The Suggestion Box forum returns to FlyerTalk. Meant for solutions and not a repository for complaints, you are encouraged to submit thoughts, suggestions and ideas which you believe will help further improve FlyerTalk.

The Suggestion Box Forum Returns to FlyerTalk

“We want your ideas about how to make FlyerTalk an even better place”, posted FlyerTalk member SanDiego1K, who — as the community director — also posted some simple guidelines for posting which will help achieve that goal.

Topics which are encouraged for discussion include suggestions regarding the structure of FlyerTalk and its forums; information and news which is displayed on the home “page” of FlyerTalk; descriptions of forums; suggestions for new forums; or the closure or merger of existing forums — some of which were formerly under the purview and remit of TalkBoard.

One notable difference with this new forum is because broader discussion about forum structure is permitted, what has historically been shut down as discussion of moderation is now permitted. Despite that difference, specific discussion of individual moderators or their actions is still not allowed. If you have such an issue, you are asked to please send a private message to the community director of FlyerTalk.

If you have an issue with an individual fellow FlyerTalk member, please either contact a moderator in the forum where that person is posting. Do not bring the issue up for public discussion either in The Suggestion Box forum or elsewhere on FlyerTalk.

Technical Support and Feedback

If you have any input pertaining to technical issues and suggestions, please continue to post them in the Technical Support and Feedback forum, which is monitored by employees of Internet Brands who are designated as administrators of FlyerTalk.


There were some people who were critical that a mechanism was not put in place when the announcement was released pertaining to the disbanding of TalkBoard; but the return of The Suggestion Box — which was once its own forum on FlyerTalk years ago — is proof that feedback from members of FlyerTalk is encouraged and as important as ever.

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