The Top Kid-Friendly Tourist Attraction in Almost Every Country

Remember how the world looked like a different place when you are a kid?

Everything was bigger, with lots of mysterious adult things that seemed to be far too serious — and many children today likely have a similar point of view…

The Top Kid-Friendly Tourist Attraction in Almost Every Country

…but a plethora of places around the world which are packed with potential fun, adventure, and new friends await the arrival of curious and adventurous kids of all ages — if only you would get a chance to visit them. Although everything may appear to be so promising, choosing the best tourist attraction to visit when the holiday season arrives can be quite a difficult task for parents.

This is where the Internet comes in rather handy. Thanks to community review sites such as TripAdvisor, gathering opinions which have already been aggregated on which destinations are as fun as they look is much easier today than when your parents were children. Just imagine: theme parks, walled cities, places like the Project Biodiversity Turtle Conservation Hatchery on the African island of Cape Verde, where children can see turtles climbing up on to the beach to lay their eggs.

This article from Budget Direct highlights where the top tourist attractions which are friendly to children are located in every country around the world — with the exception of Vatican City and San Marino, which were omitted because they are not easily viewed at a large scale — through a set of illustrated maps which are designed to show how the world may look through the eyes of a child who would have conducted some research on his or her own before requesting — or, perhaps, demanding — to be taken somewhere.

I have been given express written permission to use the illustrated maps and the verbatim text from the aforementioned article in this article; so let us take a break from the news of the day and have a little fun.

Click on the image for an enlarged view. Source: Budget Direct.

1. North America

The continent of North America includes the areas of Northern America, Central America, and the Caribbean. From Costa Rica to Cape Columbia, unique cultures have emerged from the meeting of millennia-old indigenous peoples and more recent European settlers. At the same time, urban development threatens local wildlife. Top attractions such as the Green Iguana Conservation Project in Belize and Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada introduce kids to the ancient stories of endangered animals.

At the southern end of the continent, beaches and bays dominate the lists of ‘best things to do.’ Varadero Beach in Cuba is so idyllic it could have been drawn by children: white sand, blue skies, green palm trees, and the crystal blue-green Caribbean sea.

Click on the image for an enlarged view. Source: Budget Direct.

2. Europe

Europe is the seat of western civilization. Thousands of years of human history jostle with progressive ideas amidst a web of diverse cultures. A great example of this in action is the award-winning War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. The museum is situated at the heart of a city that still bears the scars of the longest siege in the history of modern warfare. Exhibitions of personal belongings, stories, and videos relate the experience of children who grew up in wartime around the world.

Krakow in Poland is home to the largest medieval town square in Europe. The 10-acre plaza contains a 16th-century Renaissance Cloth Hall, 13th-century Gothic Town Hall Tower, and a 14th-century Gothic Basilica of the Virgin Mary. But the town is very much alive today, with shows, open-air events, and markets thriving between the historical buildings.

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3. Africa

Africa is enormous. Despite the way it looks on most maps of the world, you could fit the whole of China, India, and the contiguous United States into Africa and still have room to squeeze in a fair bit of Europe. So, it’s not surprising that there is a lot to do there – and much of it is outdoors. For example, the Ranch Yassmina Djerba La Douce on the Tunisian island of Djerba is consistently rated with five stars on Tripadvisor. Kids can learn or improve their horse-riding skills in a paradise of white sandy beaches and lagoon trails.

Just above the equator in Benin, you’ll find the natural adventure wonderland of Bab’s Dock. Here, you can explore the lake by kayak, catamaran, or sailboat, and catch a (safe) glimpse of crocodiles and monkeys. In the evening, relax with fine food at the exotic local wood cabin.

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4. Asia

“Potted plants wither when their roots are not trimmed,” begins the slogan of South Korea’s Spirited Garden, “and people age when they do not change their way of thinking.” Asia is home to some of the most diverse cultures and landscapes on Earth. From the jungle to the temple, to a Filipino Bee Farm, the whole family is sure to see the world from a new perspective.

The seven small landscapes that make up the Spirited Garden are situated on Jeju Island. They form a harmonious landscape of waterfalls, stone bridges, and bunjaes (ornamental dwarf trees). Castle-like walls protect the gardens from the winds so children can see nature and human design working hand-in-hand. For kids with a passion for architecture or history, the Temples of Baalbek in Lebanon offer a glimpse through time at a Phoenician city where pilgrims would pay tribute to the Roman god, Jupiter.

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5. South America

South America is a magical, dramatic expanse of rainforests, mountains, ancient ruins, and vibrant music and nightlife. You can prepare for a big nature trip with a stay in the city. The Mi Teleferico cable car in La Paz, Bolivia, is an excellent way to start. It offers stunning views over the city while also getting you from place to place – and there is an app to help you plan your route.

The Walled City of Cartagena is a highlight for kids and grown-ups in Colombia. The historic centre of this vibrant city has been protected by defensive walls for over four centuries, and today the streets between the walls buzz with the activity of street vendors, palenqueras, and horse-drawn carriages. You’ll be entertained with an unlikely range of music, from the ‘traditional funk’ of the cumbia style to local hip-hop and ‘80s pop star tribute acts.

Click on the image for an enlarged view. Source: Budget Direct.

6. Oceania

Oceania is a varied region containing some of the most rural and culturally diverse inhabitants in the world. For example, Papua New Guinea is home to around 44 of the world’s 107 uncontacted tribes. The best child-friendly thing to do at this end of the island is to dive among the stunning sea-life and WW2 wrecks of the Rapopo Plantation Resort. Training and equipment are organized by Rabaul-Kokopo Dive, who also offers snorkelling, spearfishing, and the opportunity to swim with wild dolphins.

The Samoa Cultural Village in Apia, the capital of Samoa, is a living celebration of this Polynesian people’s culture and traditions. Visitors can learn and experience the Samoan way through tours, storytelling, food, and events.

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7. Australia

Australia is perfect for families with children. There’s something for everyone – particularly if you’re up for a bit of a road-trip along the way! Stunning sea-life nestles up against some of the world’s best beaches, the cities are alive with art and events, and there’s plenty of rural adventure and bizarre wildlife in between.

Our final map introduces the top-rated kid-friendly destination in 50 cities around Australia. Tamworth Marsupial Park is a great nature reserve for the children to get to grips with the country’s iconic marsupials such as kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, and wombats. The adventure playground at Lake Pertobe is a fabulous place to alternate sport and games with a nature walk or getting lost in the maze. And you can polish it all off by cooking food together on the free-access electric barbecue!

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There is so much variety to see in the world. Introducing kids to art, sport, and nature early in their lives can help stimulate a lifelong passion for learning and enjoying new things. Thanks to the power of review websites like Tripadvisor, it’s easy to find a top kid-friendly tourist attraction wherever you are in the world.


Obviously, not every place listed below in this article will appeal to every child; and plenty of other places which are not on the list will most certainly appeal to children. What other places worldwide do you believe should be included on the list — and to how many places on the list have you already been?

The Temple of Karnak in Egypt is one of the places around the world which was selected as one of the friendliest for kids. Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

Full List of Attractions Worldwide

Afghanistan Qargha Lake
Albania Butrint National Park
Algeria Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma
Andorra Mirador del Roc del Quer
Angola Cabo Ledo
Antigua and Barbuda Dickenson Bay
Argentina Jardin Japones
Armenia Dancing Fountains
Australia South Bank Parklands
Austria Historic Center of Vienna
Azerbaijan Baku Boulevard
Bahamas Blue Lagoon Island
Bahrain Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park
Bangladesh Cox’s Bazar Beach
Barbados Carlisle Bay
Belarus Khatyn Memorial
Belgium Grand Place
Belize Green Iguana Conservation Project
Benin Bab’s Dock
Bhutan Punakha Dzong
Bolivia Mi Teleferico
Bosnia and Herzegovina War Childhood Museum
Botswana Okavango Delta
Brazil Lagoa do Paraiso
Brunei Tasek Lama Recreational Park
Bulgaria Sea Garden
Burkina Faso Parc Urbain Bangr-Weoogo
Burundi Rusizi National Park
Cambodia Ta Prohm
Cameroon Mefou National Park
Canada Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada
Cape Verde Project Biodiversity Turtle Conservation Hatchery
Central Africa Republic Notre-Dame of Bangui Cathedral
Chad Zakouma National Park
Chile Cerro San Cristobal
China (People’s Republic of China) Mutianyu Great Wall
Colombia Walled City of Cartagena
Comoros Chomoni Beach
Congo (Democratic Republic of the: Kinshasa) Lola ya Bonobo
Congo (Republic of the: Brazzaville) Wild Safari Tours
Costa Rica Playa Manuel Antonio
Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Basilica of Our Lady of Peace
Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park
Cuba Varadero Beach
Cyprus Horse Riding Paphos – Eagle Mountain Ranch
Czech Republic StaromEstske namEsti
Denmark Tivoli Gardens
Djibouti Lake Assal
Dominica Mero Beach
Dominican Republic Saona Island
Ecuador Museo Templo del Sol Pintor Ortega Maila
Egypt Temple of Karnak
El Salvador Lake Coatepeque
Equatorial Guinea Catedral de Santa Isabel
Eritrea Cattedrale di Asmara
Estonia Tallinn Old Town
Ethiopia Bale Mountains
Fiji Lavena Coastal Walk
Finland Urho Kekkonen National Park
France Luxembourg Gardens
Gabon L’Eglise St-Michel Libreville
Georgia Museum of Illusions
Germany Miniatur Wunderland
Ghana Cape Coast Castle
Greece Elafonissi Beach
Grenada Morne Rouge
Guatemala Tikal National Park
Guinea Iles de Los
Guinea-Bissau Igreja Catolica da Bissau
Guyana Kaieteur Falls
Haiti Labadee
Honduras The Tea & Chocolate Place
Hungary Halaszbastya
Iceland Gullfoss
India Swaminarayan Akshardham
Indonesia Waterbom Bali
Iran Naqsh-e Jahan Square
Iraq Iraqi Kurdistan Tour Guide – Haval
Ireland Cliffs of Moher
Israel Old City of Jerusalem
Italy Sassi di Matera
Jamaica Frenchman’s Cove
Japan Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Jordan Wadi Rum Protected Area
Kazakhstan Charyn Canyon
Kenya Olare Orok Conservancy
Kiribati Fenua-ura
Kosovo Germia Park
Kuwait The Avenues
Kyrgyzstan Ala-Archa Gorge
Laos The Living Land Company
Latvia Dzintari Forest Park
Lebanon (Republic of Lebanon) Temples of Baalbek
Lesotho Afriski Mountain Resort
Liberia Centennial Pavilion
Libya Tripoli’s Red Castle (Assai al-Hamra)
Liechtenstein Lama- & Alpakahof Triesenberg
Lithuania Birute Park
Luxembourg Pirate Ship Playground
Macedonia Lake Ohrid
Madagascar Avenue of the Baobabs
Malawi Plateau Stables
Malaysia Langkawi Sky Cab
Maldives Alimatha Island
Mali Parc national du Mali, Bamako
Malta Esplora Interactive Science Centre
Marshall Islands Alele Museum, Library and National Archives
Mauritania Port de Peche
Mauritius Vitamin Sea
Mexico Malecon Boardwalk
Micronesia, Federated States of Kepirohi Waterfall
Moldova Dendrarium Park
Monaco Les Jardins Saint Martin et Sainte Barbe
Mongolia Gorkhi-Terelj National Park
Montenegro Lipa Cave
Morocco Jardin Majorelle
Mozambique Praia do Tofo
Myanmar (Burma) Shwedagon Pagoda
Namibia Deadvlei
Nauru Anibare Bay
Nepal Boudhanath Stupa
Netherlands Vondelpark
New Zealand Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
Nicaragua Masaya Volcano National Park
Niger Agadez Grande Mosquee
Nigeria Lekki Conservation Centre
North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) Tower of the Juche Idea
Norway Mount Floyen and the Funicular (Floibanen)
Oman Al Fizayah Beach
Pakistan Hunza Valley
Palau Rock Islands Southern Lagoon
Palestine Blessings Gift Shop and The Olive Wood Factory
Panama Panama Canal
Papua New Guinea Rabaul – Kokopo Dive
Paraguay Paseo La Galeria
Peru Centro Historico De Cusco
Philippines Milea Bee Farm
Poland Krakow’s Rynek Glowny Central Square
Portugal Oceanario de Lisboa
Qatar Qatar National Library
Romania Big Square (Piata Mare)
Russia Savior on the Spilled Blood
Rwanda Devine African Safaris
Saint Kitts and Nevis Greg’s Safaris
Saint Lucia Tet Paul Nature Trail
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Tobago Cays
Samoa Samoa Cultural Village
Sao Tome and Principe Praia Piscina
Saudi Arabia Al Masjid an Nabawi
Senegal Accrobaobab Adventure
Serbia Kalemegdan Park and Belgrade Fortress
Seychelles Anse Lazio
Sierra Leone Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Singapore Gardens by the Bay
Slovakia Strbske Pleso Lake
Slovenia Lake Bled
Solomon Islands Mbonege Beach
Somalia Liido Beach Somalia
South Africa Table Mountain Aerial Cableway
South Korea Spirited Garden
South Sudan White Nile
Spain Parque del Retiro
Sri Lanka Kalametiya Eco Bird Watching
Sudan Nile Street
Suriname Commewijne River
Swaziland Swazi Cultural Village
Sweden Vasa Museum
Switzerland Lakeside Promenade Fleuri
Syria Umayyad Mosque
Taiwan (Republic of China) Taipei 101
Tajikistan Rudaki Park
Tanzania Serengeti National Park
Thailand Big Buddha Phuket
The Gambia Bijilo Forest Park
Timor-Leste (East Timor) Cristo Rei
Togo O Lodge
Tonga Mapu’a ‘a Vaea Blowholes
Trinidad and Tobago Corbin Local Wildlife
Tunisia Ranch Yassmina Djerba La Douce
Turkey Historic Areas of Istanbul
Turkmenistan Gypjak Mosque
Tuvalu Funafuti Marine Conservation Area
Uganda Kazinga Channel
Ukraine Rynok Square
United Arab Emirates The Dubai Fountain
United Kingdom National Railway Museum
United States of America Central Park
Uruguay Rambla de Montevideo
Uzbekistan Registan
Vanuatu Nanda Blue Hole
Venezuela Cayo De Agua
Vietnam Hoi An Ancient Town
Yemen Dar al-Hajar
Zambia Victoria Falls
Zimbabwe Victoria Falls

Full List of Attractions in Australia

Sydney Sydney Harbour
Melbourne City Circle Tram
Brisbane South Bank Parklands
Perth Kings Park and Botanic Garden
Adelaide Adelaide Botanic Garden
Gold Coast Burleigh Heads Beach
Newcastle Newcastle Memorial Walk
Canberra Australian War Memorial
Central Coast Australian Reptile Park
Sunshine Coast South Bank Parklands
Wollongong Wollongong Botanic Garden
Geelong Eastern Beach Reserve
Hobart Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
Townsville The Strand
Cairns The Australian Armour & Artillery Museum
Toowoomba Laurel Bank Park
Darwin Leanyer Recreation Park
Ballarat Lake Wendouree
Bendigo Lake Weeroona
Albury Albury Botanic Garden
Launceston Cataract Gorge Reserve
Mackay Bluewater Lagoon
Rockhampton Capricorn Caves
Melton Animal Land Children’s Farm
Bunbury Bunbury Farmers Market
Coffs Harbour Dolphin Conservation Park
Bundaberg Hinkler Hall of Aviation
Wagga Wagga Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens
Hervey Bay Hervey Bay Historical Village & Museum
Mildura Lock 11
Shepparton Victoria Park Lake
Port Macquarie Koala Hospital
Gladstone East Shores Water Park
Tamworth Tamworth Marsupial Park
Traralgon Traralgon Railway Reservoir Conservation Reserve
Orange Heifer Station Wines
Bowral Bradman Museum & International Cricket Hall of Fame
Busselton Meelup Beach
Geraldton Ultimate Watersports
Dubbo Taronga Western Plains Zoo
Nowra Shoalhaven Zoo
Warragul Civic Park
Bathurst Detour Adventures – Tours
Warrnambool Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground
Albany Little Beach
Kalgoorlie – Boulder Hammond Park
Devonport Bass Strait Maritime Centre
Mount Gambier Umpherston Sinkhole
Lismore Rocky Creek Dam
Nelson Bay Gan Gan Lookout

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